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More Adventures in the Azores

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Why do navigation systems never seem to work?

After nearly 15 minutes of trying to get an address recognized in the GPS of our rental car, we finally found success with the cheesecake factory in Vila Franca do Campo to be our destination point. Get us to the town, and we will figure out the rest.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like paper maps. Too many mishaps with the eyes in the sky have sent my family on cattle trails where no vehicle should be.

The GPS in the car may be an issue, but the infrastructure in São Miguel is excellent. Due to the mild, year-round weather, the paved roads are in good shape. Side roads are also well maintained. The roads are lined with hydrangea waiting to bloom again in spring. How I’d love to see these roadways in full bloom.

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I interviewed a German couple for Escape Artist Insiders magazine who moved from Germany to the Azores 28 years ago to begin a new life. Their comment about infrastructure was solid:

“One of the biggest changes was, for example, for all the young people now. When we arrived here, it was still not for everybody. The possibility, for example, to go to high school and then after university. So, for the locals, it’s easier to get the formation and education. And we have fabulous roads and incredibly good infrastructure. We have a better-developed health system. And at the same time, all the other things, the ocean, the air, the water, we still have all this. And on the same hand, it’s a little bit more developed. Internet, we are great in all the digital-sized things with online banking and such, so life is easier.” – Gerd Hochleitner

Take it from the people who live here, right?

The only detail missing is that you better watch out for cows on the road. There are cows everywhere in the Azores. The signs on the side of the road don’t warn you about deer—they warn you about the bovine species.

Driving to Vila Franca do Campo took us to the south shore of the island. Curvy roads took us up steep hills and down the other side. No problem, though, as this slows you down to island speed to enjoy the scenery.

The rain today made it tough to get great roadside pictures. Vila Franca do Campo is at the bottom of this hill, I promise.

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Vila Franca do Campo

Even though the day was interrupted by showers, we enjoyed this town immensely. Parking is easy and abundant. Lunch of grilled fish of the day consisted of fresh grouper cooked to perfection. The town has an abundance of churches, a pretty, well-maintained town square and an adorable market. Europe at its most humble yet charismatic. Life.

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If so, let’s get you moving on your Plan B… 

The Azores are calling.

And our team is here to help you achieve the life you desire—a lifestyle of delightful moments and freedom where you want to live out your days. Let’s figure out how we can work together to get you here.

Portugal is the gateway to Europe as they have a Golden Visa Program to open the way for your future in Europe.

Find out more about the Portugal Golden Visa program by reading Joel Nagel’s article in the September edition of Escape Artist Insiders magazine:

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If you are looking for a new life where the people don’t care about the insanity in the rest of the world, the Azores is it. 

Or where they have Nativity Scenes and not crime scenes…

Vila Franca do Campo

Your perfect hideaway is sitting in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the Portuguese autonomous region of the Azores.



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All photos by Charlotte Tweed

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