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Travel and Tourism ideas for Costa Rica

Being a nearly $2-billion-a-year industry fueled by 2 million annual visitors, it’s no wonder that travel in Costa Rica is tops for the region and growing in popularity.  What does Costa Rica have to offer?  “What do you like?” is the better question to ask.  With a variety of landscapes, tropical climates, and endless activities, Costa Rica has just about anything you could ask for in a tropical vacation destination.  With miles of zip lines strung up in the jungle canopy to white-sand beaches with world-class surfing, from five-star resorts to white-water rafting, there is always an adventure waiting for you in this beautiful, friendly Central American gem.

Travel in Costa Rica is only starting to appear on the radar of international tourists.  Once a well-kept secret, Costa Rica is fast becoming a top pick for budget conscious travelers looking for a bit of adventure and a chance to get up close and personal with nature.  With the rise in popularity of ecotourism in the past decade, Costa Rica has poised itself to be a must-see country for those looking to experience an incredible array of wildlife, stunning lush backdrops, and sand and surf that would grace any magazine cover depicting paradise.  So what is there to do in Costa Rica that would make it your next vacation choice?

Canopy tours are a great way to enjoy the wonders of a tropical rainforest at eye level.  Many tours are available across the country, with some offering the chance to clip on to a zip line and fly through the treetops like a bird of paradise.  With qualified, bilingual guides and safety standards being very high, this is a great family-friendly activity to appreciate the natural beauty of the Costa Rican rainforests from a perspective normally reserved for its natural inhabitants.

Coffee tours are a great way to get out and enjoy the countryside while learning about one of Costa Rica’s chief exports.  Not only do the guides provide a fun and interactive way to experience Costa Rican culture, but it’s a great chance to see first-hand where that cup of dark roast you’ve been sipping every morning comes from and what it takes to get it to your local café or breakfast table.

Surfing and Windsurfing are a massive attraction in Costa Rica.  With beach and coral breaks on both coasts, you’d be hard pressed to not see a surfboard or two at the airport when you arrive.  Everyone from the beginner to the experienced global thrill-seeker come here to enjoy the year-round conditions that have earned Costa Rica the honor of being part of a world-wide circuit for surfers who skip from wave to wave, nation to nation.  Rentals and lessons are available at most beaches and there are lots of beaches to choose from.

Volcanoes are a visibly apparent part of the backdrop of this incredible landscape and are the foundation for the mountains and fertile soil in the Central Valley.  With a spine of both active and dormant craters lining the center of the isthmus, there are great options for those wishing to peer into the bowels of the earth.  From the serene lagoons of Barva to the active, lava-spitting cone at Arenal, there are at least 6 accessible volcanoes to see with varying degrees of ease.

Whitewater rafting is a great way to penetrate the deepest reaches of the jungle and get a thrill along the way.  With rapids from class 1 to 5, there are a wide variety of excursions from afternoons to multi-day trips.  Rafters from the most experienced to the first-timer are welcome and there are professional, skilled guides to navigate the cool, rushing rivers that lace the jungles of Costa Rica.

From the black sands of Playa Negra in Puerto Viejo to the long stretches of pristine, blonde sand hugging the west coast of Samara, there are countless beaches beckoning travelers in Costa Rica.  All the coastal areas of Costa Rica (meaning rich coast) are the property of the people.  Therefore, there is little development to be found on these clean, inviting beaches.  Often the background of these beaches is jungle, palm trees, and the faint sound of howler monkeys.  The cleanest of beaches are awarded a ‘blue flag’ status indicating works towards sustainable development and strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, safety and other services. With everything from a rolling beach break for surfing to calm, turquoise bays begging for you to wade in, Costa Rica has beaches for just about any taste.

No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without seeing one of its magical waterfalls.  With hundreds of mountain streams, natural springs, and rivers snaking through the wilderness, there are dozens of spectacular waterfalls for viewing, bathing under, or rappelling down in Costa Rica.  Many package trips include at least one hike to a waterfall.

Some of the best bird watching in the world can be found in Costa Rica.  With over 800 recorded species found in six ornithological regions, the variety and diversity of birds here is truly unique.  From wetlands and secondary rainforests in the lowlands to primary rainforest on the highland coastal ridge, the opportunities for spotting some of the most exotic species on earth awaits enthusiasts in this wondrous region.

Golf, Sail fishing, Bungee Jumping, and much more are all on the table when planning a trip to Costa Rica.  As there are so many great options to consider, it is wise to plan a package trip or book a combination tour.  For example, a waterfall, rafting, canopy tour is a great way to experience the jungles of Costa Rica in a single day.  Whatever your style, Costa Rica is home to a plethora of adventures awaiting travelers from the adrenaline chasers to those simply needed a warm beach and a cold cocktail.   Need help in deciding what to do? Call lifestyle expert Lisle Head at 866-403-1345 and ask him to help you arrange a dream vacation in the lush jungles of Costa Rica.

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