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Tips for Expat Math Tutors in Singapore

Tips for Expat Math Tutors in Singapore

To be honest with all of you, I hate math. I remember the time that I transferred schools when I was in the 4th grade; I find it difficult to adjust myself. As a result, I was failing some of my classes and I needed to take remedial courses during my summer and holiday vacations. The following year, I took these courses again. Before entering 10th grade, I spent two months out of town getting a tutor to improve my math skills. When I graduated from high school, my last grade in Math was a 78, which was the lowest of all the subjects that I took.


Math tutors are a common way for students to improve their knowledge of the subject.

Here in the Philippines, I have seen a lot of students getting math tutors after class. It is one way of improving their grades in this subject. Aside from the Philippines, there’s also the  Maths Tuition in Singapore program. As you may know, Singapore is one of the countries that I would love to visit again and again. Not only do I want to go back to experience the Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, a selfie with the Merlion, or having fun at the Universal Studios, but I also want to visit schools and see how they educate students in various subjects.

Singapore is considered a first-world country due to being one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world, with an advanced economy. However, to improve their math knowledge, students in the country often need tutors with proven track records and a lot of experience.


Unfortunately, simply having skills and experience as a math tutor in Singapore isn’t good enough at the moment.

Even though you have the skills to make students better, there are times when they get bored or lose interest. There are cases where students aren’t satisfied with the way the math tutors are teaching them. In today’s era, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is essential to really make a difference with the students.

Only a handful of teachers consider creative ways of tutoring their students at school or at home after class. From what I have observed, students are more proactive and interested in learning when the tutors in Singapore use creative approaches.


Here are a couple of fun ideas for expat math tutors in Singapore to make their students happy and excited about learning:

Fun Idea #1 – Use creative Powerpoint presentations/Keynote for iOs

During the time that I began my journey with a math tutor, I found it very dull. We were just bringing our notebooks, scratch papers, and pens to take notes and practice some exercises. Although the tutor helped us a bit in improving our math knowledge, there was no fun, and only a little engagement happens during the session. If you are a foreign math tutor based in Singapore, one way to entertain the kids is by presenting them with lessons on your laptop, Android tablet, or iPad. It’ll take time for you to edit your Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, just like the lesson plans, but it’ll be more entertaining and creative for your students to enjoy learning.

Fun Idea # 2 – Reward them for getting the job done

Another way for expat math tutors in Singapore to entertain their students is by rewarding them for accomplishing their tasks. For example, if a student gets a perfect score on his or her assignment or quiz, you could repay them with a daily or weekly reward for them to stay on course.

Moving Forward

Creativity matters for us. An essential part of being an expat math tutor in Singapore is not only making the students better at math, but also entertaining them as well. Make them love you as their foreign tutor by applying these fun ideas that I have shared. I hope you learned something and will use the tips on your own.

I hope you enjoyed reading: Tips for Expat Math Tutors in Singapore. Please contact our office HERE for help with immigration, second passports, tax etc. I would also like to share some articles that I know you’ll love!

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