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The Philosophy of the World Economic Forum

As originally published exclusively in “Escape Artist Insider Magazine – June 2023 edition”. 

Privacy is a very near and dear concept in my heart because of my love for civil and religious liberty.

I would like to start the article with a clear definition of privacy.

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of privacy, it connotes:

a: the quality or state of being apart from company or observation

b: freedom from unauthorized intrusion, that is, one’s right to privacy

In other words, privacy means you cannot be observed or disturbed.

I know that the other brilliant authors that contribute their ideas every month to Escape Artist Insiders magazine will have some very insightful ideas and strategies with respect to how a person should go about developing their Privacy Tool Kit.

I would like to propose a unique perspective on the subject of personal privacy.

My contribution will be in exploring this idea regarding how globalist organizations are planning on eliminating everyone’s privacy on planet Earth and how the reader can protect themselves from this totalitarian invasion of their privacy.

At first glance, this may sound like a hyperbolic assertion or the emotional rant of a 

wild-eyed alarmist. I can identify with that response because when I first began to investigate the concept of how organizations and governments have violated people’s privacy, it was very disconcerting to me because of the trust that I had placed in those agencies.

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No one wants anyone to invade their privacy. And when people discover that others do not respect or honor their privacy, it can be an extremely unsettling experience.

When I was in college, I was exposed to classic dystopian fiction novels, such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. And these books graphically depicted the most egregious abuses of a society’s privacy.

After being exposed to their entertaining, futuristic imaginations, I never believed I would live in the world they described. Why? Because the world they set forth was an oppressive police state society in which Big Brother robbed every human being of every semblance of their privacy.

In other words, the draconian worlds these fiction writers so vividly and viscerally portrayed were a world in which every person’s humanity and dignity were stripped from them by not allowing them to have a private thought, or private word, or a private deed. Big Brother constantly monitored the entirety of their lives.

In other words, Big Brother told them what they could think, what they could say or not say, and which behaviors were acceptable and unacceptable. When I finished reading these novels, I had a sigh of relief, in that I thought, I am so glad that I don’t live in a world that is absent of all the God-given privileges and constitutional rights of civil and religious liberty.

This brings me back to the title of this article, “The Philosophy of the World Economic Forum.” Any inquisitive mind is going to be thinking, how is Jack going to connect what he’s been saying regarding the abuse of privacy to the philosophy of the World Economic Forum? 

First of all, before I delve into this subject, I want to make my ideas very clear concerning what I am not saying and what I am saying. I am not saying that my observations and assertions apply to everyone that belongs to the World Economic Forum or is associated with the World Economic Forum.

My pronouncements and evaluations apply primarily to the two main leaders of the World Economic Forum namely: Professor Klaus Schwab and Professor Yuval Noah Harari. The reason I have chosen these two men with regard to exposing the philosophy of the World Economic Forum is that both professors Schwab and Harari are the primary spokespersons for the WEF.

At the outset of this article, I want the reader to know that I have no malice or ill intent in my heart toward these two men or anyone associated with the WEF. Therefore, I intend to treat them with the utmost dignity, respect, and honor. I will not resort to any sophomoric abusive ad hominem attacks or any inflammatory rhetoric or intemperate speech. 

Nevertheless, I will forthrightly state my personal opinions about how I believe the WEF’s philosophy, in light of their own words, either coheres to the truth or represents error.

The method that I will use concerning my case is by showing the reader several videos where both professors Schwab and Harari are noticeably clear with respect to the specific tenets of their philosophy. For the reader’s information, I have spent years studying the philosophies of these men and pouring over many of their videos and books to ensure I am not misrepresenting their philosophy.

If the reader bears with me, I will make the connection between the philosophy of the World Economic Forum and how their ideas concerning their view of God and man of necessity create a totalitarian dehumanized world devoid of all personal privacy far beyond anything that Orwell or Huxley ever imagined.

Consequently, all the videos I will be presenting are a true representation of their thoughts on truth, God, humanity, freedom, health, and privacy. At the end of each of my comments, I will provide the reader with a video pertaining to a particular aspect of their philosophy. I genuinely want the reader to discern for themselves if what I am saying truthfully and fairly represents their philosophy.

Dear reader, please don’t be lazy; I’ve done all the research for you. All I’m asking you to do is to take the time to watch the videos and read the other hyperlinks I’ve included so that you will be well informed.

And never forget that forewarned is forearmed.

More importantly, I want the reader to decide for themselves if the philosophy of the WEF presents any concerns or threats concerning the future of their personal privacy and civil and religious liberty for their family. It is so important that the reader watch every one of these videos very carefully because you are listening to the people who are currently deciding your future. They are passionate about turning you into inorganic cyborgs.

Based on my epistemological understanding of inerrant, infallible, and irrefragable biblical truth, I believe they represent the philosophy of anti-truth. Consequently, when they discuss their epistemology, that is, their theory of knowledge, it is always grounded in finite and fallible science.

Science is not normative. Science is about speculations, conjectures, observations, and opinions. It is impossible to deduce infallible knowledge from science. In addition, science is grounded in induction, not deduction. No amount of inductive experimentation will ever create universality or necessity. Thus, science is not about discovering the truth. Science is about experimentation and the never-ending pursuit of gathering empirical data points.

Moreover, based on my biblical and metaphysical understanding of the God of the Bible, I believe they contend for an anti-God philosophy. Why? Because both Professor Schwab and Professor Harari are atheists.

This is an especially key point that I must make for the reader; when any leader deliberately attempts to eradicate the concept of God from their followers’ minds, unwittingly, they are just teaching their people to exchange the true God for a false god.

In other words, once a leader attempts to get rid of the God of the Bible, they make themselves the new god of their followers. It logically follows that when the leaders get rid of religion, they establish their own new religion. The WEF’s religion is climate science. All their thoughts and passions are connected to protecting the planet from human beings. Their motto should be planet over people. When you pull back the curtain on their philosophy, you see it is the ancient religion of mother Gaia worship.

Yuval Noah Harari – “God Is Dead It Just Takes A While To Get Rid Of The Body.” Says WEF Advisor”

‘God Is Dead’ and the WEF is ‘Acquiring Divine Powers’ Jesus is fake news, and the WEF are our new gods, introducing a new religion, technocratic religion. The WEF is encouraging everyone to worship at the altar of climate science, which is really mother Gaia worship.

In addition, based on my belief that man is made in the image of the biblical God, I believe their philosophy is anti-human. Why? Because they believe that organic, carbon-based humans are one of the primary causes of the purported climate crisis.

Yuval Noah Harari What to Do With All of These Useless People

And, based on my belief in the ethics and politics outlined in the propositional truth of the Bible, I believe that their philosophy is anti-freedom. It is logically impossible for their philosophy to develop any civil or religious liberty.

Furthermore, based on my biblical belief in the sacrosanct, organic, carbon-based, God-given body and immaterial, imago dei soul of every human being, I believe in the health protocols and guidelines God set forth in the Bible.

Since professors Schwab and Harari want to have every human being go through their transhumanism process to become inorganic cyborgs, I believe they are bereft of any idea for how to develop and maintain a healthy body.

Especially when they want all human beings to start eating bugs as their primary food source and to abstain from any meat; therefore, I believe that they are anti-health. You must understand that everything they want you to do has nothing to do with your health.

Scientists Reveal Deadly ‘WEF Diet’ Will Drive Human Race to Extinction

Finally, based on my biblical belief in the God-given gift of a person’s private individual conscience, their private, individual thoughts, their private, individual choices, their private individual bodies, that is, the unity of their property, I believe in the private sacredness of the totality of every individual’s personhood. Therefore, every person has the right from God to do what they need to do and what they want to do with their private property.

No one has the right to intrude upon the privacy of the totality of another individual’s personhood as if their personhood did not belong to them as their private possession from God Almighty. When you show respect and honor to another person, you are acknowledging their thoughts, conscience, will, emotions, and body belongs to them and only them as their God-given private possession.

No one has the authority, that is, the right to superimpose their will upon another person’s will. How would it make you feel if someone told you I have absolute power over your being? And I can do to you and with you whatever I wish. Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

What are professors Schwab and Harari’s views on putting technology in your body so people can be under constant surveillance? How does their desire to put wearables on your clothes and technology in your body support everyone’s God-given individual private property rights to every human being?

Yuval Noah Harari – “Dictators Always Dreamt About It…It’s NOW Possible to Eliminate Privacy.”


WEF: The Great Reset Agenda Explained In Their Own Words (Featuring Klaus Schwab, Yuval Noah Harari, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc.) 

Klaus Schwab Says People’s Brains Will Be Microchipped By 2026. . . scroll down and watch these short YouTube videos.

When I taught logic in college, there was one particularly important principle that I taught my students. And that was if you want to show the invalidity of your opponent’s position then you must disclose that the axiom, that is, the first principle on which their entire system rests, is not a true premise then you have demonstrated the fallaciousness of their argument. Therefore, if I can demonstrate the falseness of the foundational premise on which the entire philosophy of the WEF rests, then I have demonstrated the invalidity of their entire argument. What is the philosophical foundation for the WEF’s belief system? It is their unwavering belief in a purported climate crisis.

The following videos will prove that the climate crisis is a fabrication of their imaginations.

The first two videos will show the passion and dedication that these zealots have for their belief in the so-called climate crisis:

Klaus Schwab, speaking at the World Government Summit in March 2022: Klaus Schwab, with his fear, mongering announcement, discusses the major problem of climate change: 30 seconds

Bill Gates Population Control Through Vaccines, “Something I love”, to Combat CO2 Levels -4 minutes 2:00 minutes

Atmospheric gasses engineer debunks “climate crisis” in 90 seconds

 Scientists exposing the Climate Change, CO2 scam in 56 seconds

The Big Climate Lie

Climate Change Hoax Documentary – Eco Communism through Global Warming- see how Al Gore became wealthy on the climate change hoax.

CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX: Senator Malcolm Roberts – ‘There is no global warming’

This was a great display of hubris on the part of the interviewer.

Once Upon A.I. inspired by Yuval Noah Harari—Predictive programming for eliminating carbon-based humans.

The next three videos will truly disclose the character of the WEF:

WEF Says It’s Time To Legalize Sex and Marriage With Animals To Promote Inclusion

WEF Taps Clinton Foundation to Sexualize Your Children

The WEF Calling for Millions of Cats & Dogs Worldwide be Killed to Reduce ‘Carbon Footprint’

The last four videos will provide you with the truth with respect to what’s really been going on in the last three years in this crazy world.

Covidism: Contagious Deception – Part 1 – 4

Now, let me close with a few encouraging words for the reader. First, I want to acknowledge this is a lot to take in, especially if this is your first time doing a deep dive into the character of the people that are supposed to be leading everyone into more liberty and a better future. It is truly shocking once you understand who these people really are and what the true agenda is behind what they are doing, which is to fundamentally alter everything concerning what it means to be human.

So, my advice to you about growing in your understanding concerning your God-given individual privacy rights is to spend a lot of time studying from two of my teachers on the Internet. Here are their Internet addresses: versebyverse.com; and trinityfoundation.org.

I want to strongly encourage the reader to start by learning how to protect your spiritual privacy and how to grow your spiritual privacy by going to trinityfoundation.org. Go to the MP3 files on the website and start by studying the section called “Thinking Biblically.” The teaching from these two websites is some of the most transformational knowledge you’ll ever hear in your life, which will have a profound and lasting effect on your personal growth and development.

Truth is never afraid of the truth. Therefore, those afraid of the truth are not of the truth. 

Liars love lies, and truthers love the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Thank you for reading my article. 

“of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command;” – 1 Chronicles 12:32

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