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This weekly round-up is serving as a reminder that the 2018 Escape Artist Conference is only a month away! If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to register for our very first conference. We officially have a venue! The 2018 Escape Artist Conference will be located at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Dallas. Details can be found below.

This week, my favorite stories include one of the tastiest cities in the world, a growing tech hub that is becoming more appealing to expats, and the one thing that is becoming more popular than cryptocurrency!

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What More Could You Need?

Singapore was recently voted as the best country for expats. As if you needed more of a reason to think about your new life there, it is also expanding its tech hub, making it even more appealing to the future and current expats looking for a change.

With favorable business incentives, such as tax breaks and government-sponsored investment for tech businesses, as well as low rates of unemployment, why wouldn’t you consider moving to Singapore? How about this statistic: 80 of the top 100 tech firms in the world have a presence in Singapore. Maybe it’s this: 1.6 million of the 5.6 million people living in Singapore are non-residents. Not only is it a major tech center, but it’s also an expat haven!

Knowing what you find important in your day-to-day life is key in choosing your new home. Sometimes you don’t realize what you find important until someone asks you. Is it the quality of life, how happy your family will be, or how much money you will be able to make? If you need assistance answering these questions, Escape Artist can help! We even have a survey you can take to help you find out what’s important in your big move.


Is Crypto Out the Door?

The short answer is no! Crypto is a growing industry with new coins appearing all the time, but what was just a piece of the crypto world is now taking the globe by storm on its own.

Blockchain, the technology that makes up the cryptocurrency public ledger, is beginning to find its way into our everyday lives and has become more popular than crypto itself.

According to Google data, “blockchain’ has become a gradually more popular search term than “cryptocurrency.” This is probably because blockchain can be used in a lot of different ways, such as banking and even human resources. Blockchain technology is being developed every day and investors are getting behind it quickly!

Don’t miss out! What can blockchain (and crypto) do for you?


One Month Left!

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? Go beyond the web pages of Escape Artist and step into your future.

The only way to get a hands-on experience with our experts is by meeting us in Dallas this winter. Our biggest and most exciting event of the year, the 2018 Escape Artist Conference, is coming up! Your contribution to our survey gives us a great idea of what the event will look like, what we will discuss, and how many of you would like to attend.

We now have a location, date, and an agenda for the event! December 1st and 2nd are just around the corner, so book your flights to Dallas now! We are getting excited to meet you and answer your questions!

There is only one month left until the conference! Register today and unlock everything you need to know to become an expat the right way!

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Hungry?Consumer Resource Guide

So are we. For adventure! But also for food. That’s why hungry travelers should be heading to Dubai this winter. When early fall hits, Dubai’s food market scene really ignites. With a diverse population, any traveler will enjoy taking a bite of the flavors featured in this popular travel destination.

Frying Pan Adventures features one of the best food tours in the city. Food tours give travelers who don’t know where to begin a push in the right direction.

Even if travelers want to discover the food on their own, the city offers great places to spend winter nights enjoying delicious meals and shopping adventures.


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Most Popular Expat Cities in Croatia

Croatia isn’t an option to be overlooked when searching for the perfect country for relocating. It’s a great European destination for those who think they might like to move somewhere like Italy, but without the hefty price tag. Croatia, located in Central Europe on the Adriatic Sea, has all of the historical and old-world charm you’ll find in the architecture throughout Europe. It also has beaches and wineries, along with aquatic tourism and resort towns. As the newest member of the EU, Croatia also boasts Central Europe’s fastest growing economy, with a focus on infrastructure and telecommunications, as well as tourism, of course. This combination of positive features makes Croatia a worthy contender for…

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Relocating to Portugal: What You Need to Know

Portugal has seen more foreign tourists every year since at least 2000, and the number is exceeding itself by higher amounts each year. 2017 showed a record-breaking 12 million visits for the first time ever. Judging by this trend, the stats that come out for 2018 are likely to show even more popularity for the country. With that growing popularity comes, naturally, a growing expat population.  

Part of the reason people are relocating to Portugal is that it’s being newly discovered as a gorgeous European country that’s still relatively close to the United States and Latin America. There are more flights from Portugal to Brazil than there from Portugal to any other city. The convenient location of Lisbon is only about an hour flight to Madrid and a couple of hours from Paris and London. Some other reasons you generally hear regard safety, climate, things to do and high quality of life. So, what is the process for relocating to Portugal, and what…

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Expanding Your U.S. Business into Germany

Known as the beating heart of Europe, Germany is widely regarded as a cultural and economic powerhouse. Due to its proximity to Western European economies like France, Italy, and the Benelux countries, it is considered to be a prime target market.

Germany is a global leader in innovation and it’s also the fourth largest economy in the world. Even the recession that has plagued Europe for the past decade could not bring the German economy down – with the country even boasting a +1.9% growth rate in 2016.

The idea of expanding into the German market seems very appealing for many companies and it’s no surprise why. However, there are…

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Top 5 Cities for Expats in Spain

When it comes to living in Spain, there are a handful of cities that have a lot more popularity than others. Then again, Spain offers so many great options, so it can be hard for some expats to choose! Generally, the cities you hear mentioned the most among expats in Spain include: Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Granada, and Valencia. Here is a little more information on each of those top five!


Madrid is Spain’s capital city, and with 3.2 million residents, it is also Spain’s largest city. It’s a bit more expensive than other cities on our list, but…

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Why Foreign Investment in Croatia is a Growing Trend

Croatia has the fastest growing economy in Central Europe, and its biggest industry is tourism. No surprise there. However, tourism is not where all the foreign investment is going. Savvy investors are showing an increased interest in investment in Croatia in other sectors, including but not limited to: banking, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Most foreign investment comes from Italy, Austria, and Germany, but it wouldn’t hurt for investors from the United States and Canada to get more involved. Here are some reasons why:

Starting a Business in Croatia

Croatia boasts pro-business tax legislation with agreeable incentives, such as…

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