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Buying a Property in Nicaragua Guide and FAQ

Do you see the quality of your life deteriorating in the Western World? You are not imagining it; the struggle is real. The question is, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to sit around and say, “Woe is me. I guess that’s the way it is.” Or will you look for an alternative country offering a freedom lifestyle with a quality of life you only dream about now?

Often overlooked and misunderstood is a country in Central America with colourful colonial architecture, photogenic volcanic landscapes, cities with well-groomed plazas, and perfectly maintained mansions sheltering lush internal courtyards.

Imagine hopping along cobblestone streets from church to church in cities, then venturing onto the waters of Lago de Nicaragua for an adventure to Isla de Ometepe, twin volcanic peaks capturing the imagination of Aztecs to Mark Twain. Hiking trails lead to wilderness wildlife and hot springs beckon your weary feet. Enter, Nicaragua.

View from the top of the Leon Cathedral

View from the top of the Leon Cathedral

Before getting into the FAQ, let’s see what an expat has to say about how relocating to Nicaragua has affected his quality of life:

Charlotte: How has living in Nicaragua affected your quality of life?

Doug: Overall, it’s improved it. I was a truck driver; I’m not professional or highly educated. I was living in a truck most days. For the year and a half from the initial news items about the outbreak of COVID-19 in China to where we were, it became increasingly ridiculous, the news stories and the unfortunately disappointingly, surprisingly public reaction to the government’s reaction to it, which made me start looking for other places to get to. I don’t have responsibilities, I’ve never been married. I don’t have any children. My dog had died the previous year after 18 years.

Although I was happy in my house, I moved from England to Wales before coming to Nicaragua. I spent five years in Wales and was relatively happy there in my home life, but the COVID-19 situation and the government’s reaction were a catalyst. Everybody I knew reacted to what to me were obvious lies made me want to leave.

And now I live in a tropical climate, once you get used to it is very good for you physically. There’s fresh food here, which is grown locally. I don’t think they use many chemicals. They can’t afford fertilizers. You get organic fruit and vegetables. There’s fresh fish available, which is caught locally.

Papaya trees in Nicaragua

I swim in the ocean every day. I’m walking around quite a lot. I’m in a better place physically and psychologically than before I left. Yes, my quality of life has improved.

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What was frightening to me before I left was imagining the future in Britain. I was in a place where there were over 70 million people of all different origins, ethnic, political, and religious backgrounds. I was imagining a situation in the future living on a small island where we cannot support ourselves. We cannot feed ourselves by what we grow. If the supply chains broke down in the UK, it would quickly turn into a horrific… I couldn’t imagine. That’s another part of the reason why I’m in Nicaragua. There are only 7 million people in the whole of Nicaragua. It’s tropical; things grow all year round. There is poverty, but nobody’s starving. Survival is one of the reasons for being here.

Do you Want to Improve Your Quality of Life and Secure Your Freedom?

Consider Nicaragua, which is the perfect place to invest or relocate for many people. If you’ve ever wondered about the possibility of investing in emerging markets or would like to have a vacation home, read on as we break down the steps to becoming a property owner in Nicaragua.

How to Buy Property in Nicaragua

When looking into investing in real estate in Nicaragua, it’s important to seek out qualified people you can trust who can assist you in the journey. Here at Escape Artist, we have teamed up with ECI Development, who will be able to help you in your quest for the perfect place to build or buy your dream home.

Learn more about our real estate at Gran Pacifica

ECI Development also offers financing options for all the properties for sale and towards the cost of construction, making it easier than ever to take advantage of everything the beautiful coastal community of Gran Pacifica has to offer. After closing, the property’s title will be registered in the local municipality.

Homes in Gran Pacifica

Homes in Gran Pacifica

Investing in Nicaragua Real Estate

Set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua offers a variety of landscapes with tropical hot weather. Thriving rural communities, coffee farms and cooperatives along the foothills, volcanic slopes covered in ferns and cloud forests are at your feet.

Nicaragua has no shortage of natural wonders to discover and destinations to explore. Listen to the howler monkeys, gaze at dozens of bird species, and search for many of Nicaragua’s shy mammals with the added advantage of not being overly saturated with tourists or overly commercial. Nicaragua’s current stage is experiencing growth in relevance and recognition globally but with a fair distance to go, which translates to authenticity, rich culture, and a reasonable cost of living.

Types of Land for Sale in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers a variety of landscapes resulting in many types of property with high potential. Real estate in Nicaragua ranges from suburban towns and cities extending to the more scenic coastal locations like San Juan del Sur and Costa Esmeralda, where beachfront property or ocean views are the ultimate goals and come at a fraction of the price of the California Coast.

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How to Buy Property in Nicaragua FAQ

Can foreigners buy property in Nicaragua?

Yes. Foreigners can buy property in Nicaragua without acquiring citizenship or residency. Many people from around the world have invested and owned property throughout the country.

How would a foreigner buy property in Nicaragua?

To purchase a property, you will require a title, which can be acquired in different ways:

  • as an individual,
  • as a Nicaraguan corporation, or
  • as a foreign entity.


Gran Pacifica Beach Front Properties

At Gran Pacifica, ocean views stretch north, south, and west. With 2,500 acres and the sprawling Asuchillo beach, you will be hard-pressed to find a property that isn’t a short distance from the beach or where you can hear the waves crashing into the shoreline. One of the key features piquing the interest of so many people who visit Gran Pacifica are the outstanding sunsets over the ocean. Every evening is a different show.

Walking on the beach at sunset

At a fraction of the cost of nearby destinations like tourist-ridden Costa Rica, Gran Pacifica offers resort services and the comforts of home in an unparalleled setting.

Coffee at Sea Salt

Are you looking for more privacy? Lots and houses are available with majestic ocean views and spacious lots with plenty of green space in between. Alternatively, enjoy the convenience of being in a condo close to where everything is happening at the restaurant and poolside. The hub is a spot for enjoying your morning coffee with other residents and guests, a sunset cocktail, and evening walks barefoot in the sand.


All photos by Charlotte Tweed

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