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Why Thailand is a Popular Retirement Haven

Why Thailand is a Popular Retirement Haven

Southeast Asia is steadily gaining popularity as a retirement haven for Westerners.  While there are many beautiful destinations available, if you’ll be living on a budget during your retirement, then Thailand might be ideal since can have First World living at a Third World price tag.

In Thailand, you can expect to pay about a third to a quarter of the cost on everyday items such as food and household goods.  For entertainment and transportation, the cost can work out to even less.  In many areas, you can buy a one bedroom condo for about $50,000 or rent one for $500 per month.  All in all, you can live very comfortably in Thailand for around $1,500 a month.

In addition to the low cost of living, Thailand is a tropical paradise for those looking to escape the snow and cold.  You can expect warm temperatures year-around throughout the country.  With no icy temps to slow you down, you can spend your retirement roaming the temples, relaxing on the beaches, or simply exploring your exotic new life.

If you envision a lot of travel during your retirement, Thailand is a convenient central hub for checking out the continent.  From here, you can easily access all of Asia, India, and Europe without the exhausting overseas flights.

On the other hand, you probably won’t feel like you need to leave too often because of the amenities available in Thailand.  For starters, the native Thai food is absolutely amazing; from the spring rolls to drunken noodles, your pallet will thank you.  But Thailand isn’t just Thai food.  Thanks to its international standing, you’ll be able to find almost every cuisine under the sun, which is a big bonus when you’re looking for a little comfort food.

You can also look forward to a tranquil culture and welcoming locals.  Thailand is predominantly Buddhist, which promotes a deep respect between all living things, so in general it is a very safe place to retire abroad.

Entry into the country is relatively easy for retirees over age 50.  They get a one year visa that can be renewed without leaving the country.  Residency is fairly straightforward, requiring either proof of $2,100 a month in income or a bank account with $26,000 in available funds.

One intimidating thing about Thailand is the language, as it can be very different from what you’re used to.  However, until you are able to pick up some words and phrases, it’ll be easy to meet new people from all over the world with the large and ever-growing expat and retiree community.

Thailand’s versatility and benefits are getting better by the day.  If you want a low-cost, high quality of life retirement, then this might be the perfect location for you.

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