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Hello readers,  

Summer is nearing its end, which means school is almost back in session. For those of you who don’t have to worry about school, I hope you are continuing to explore the globe. If you need some ideas for your next trip, why not take a cruise with your favorite singer?

Keep reading to find out which city is trying to become the most walkable, and learn what will happen to expats in the UK post-Brexit.  

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Will I Be Allowed to Stay?

What’s going to happen to European expats when Brexit goes through? That very question is keeping many expats in the UK up at night. As Brexit approaches (March 29, 2019, to be more exact), many are unsure of the status of their home in the near future.

With all of the planning that is happening before spring of next year, one major aspect that hasn’t been planned yet is the legality of EU residents living in the UK.

The Foreign Secretary said that if they fail to make an agreement, it would be a terrible mistake and that the EU needs to assist in helping to find a solution.


Dogs in Shoes?

Maybe you have seen some of those silly videos of dogs wearing shoes and struggling to get used to the feeling. They can be pretty funny! It may look ridiculous, but one city in Switzerland says it is becoming essential to survive the summer heat.

Due to rising temperatures, Swiss police are urging dog owners to buy shoes for their furry friends. Since there has been a heatwave all throughout Europe this summer, people are taking extra precautions. In fact, Switzerland was just hit with their hottest summer since 1864.

When the dogs are walking on the hot asphalt, which can reach up to 130 degrees fahrenheit, they are experiencing discomfort.

Although the idea of putting shoes on your dog seems absurd, it may be the only way to save the dogs from burning their paws. Authorities are suggesting owners check the ground before letting their dogs on the asphalt.


Cruise with an Added Benefit

Doesn’t a cruise seem ideal right now? I’m sure for many of you, your summer has been filled with active adventures. As the end of summer nears, a few days on the open waters could be the rest we need before the fall months. Now, imagine this cruise with your favorite music artist.

Since the music industry has changed so much, from CDs to a digital world, artists have had to change up the game in terms of reaching fans.

For years, companies like StarVista Live and Sixthman have made fans’ dreams come true by combining luxury cruises with intimate music festival experiences. These cruises have included a variety of genres and guests such as Kesha, 311, Melissa Etheridge, and more.

Cruise guests have even spotted their favorite artists at the bar and other places on the boat after performances!


Goodbye Car! Hello Fresh Air!

Are you sick of cars? Cars can be an expensive tool to get around. But with insurance, high gas prices, and having to pay for maintenance and service check-ups every number of miles, it’s a hassle. As a result, which European city is working to become the most walkable in the world? London!Consumer Resource Guide

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, launched the Walking Action Plan last week in efforts to get the residents of the UK capital up and moving and make walking their primary mode of navigating the city.

This plan includes the city investing £2.2 billion to make it happen. With this investment, streets will be redesigned to support walking. This will mean new infrastructure, signs, maps, and pedestrian crossing areas. If all goes according to plan, the majority of residents will be walking around by 2024.

Not only will this mean more Londoners are active and healthy, but less cars also means better air quality and residents rediscovering the beauty of their hometown.


Save the Date!

We have received so much great feedback and help in planning the very first Escape Artist conference! Your contribution to our survey gives us a great idea of what the event will look like, what we will discuss, and how many of you would like to attend. We are excited to announce that the dates and location of the conference have been decided!  

Mark Your Calendars for December 1st and 2ndand book your trip to Dallas, Texas, to meet all of your favorite Escape Artists!

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6 Reasons to Retire to Lake Chapala, Mexico

The beauty of retiring to Mexico lies within its close proximity to “home,” whether that be Canada or the United States. The beauty of the country and laid-back feel of the culture are also big selling points. The real question is, which part of Mexico would be best? Some areas are obviously going to be better than others and, lately, the big question has been, should we retire to Lake Chapala? Here are a few reasons why you should at least consider it as an option.

Lake Chapala Features a Large Expat Community

Lake Chapala has its measure of charms (which we’ll get to in a moment), and those charms tend to…

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Lake Chapala Retirement Costs

Mexico is the top destination for retirees coming from the United States and Canada. It sometimes gets a bad reputation in the media, and that reputation is not quite deserved. Rather, you should think of Mexico as a haven for those who wish to lead a laid-back, cultured lifestyle somewhere with a much lower cost of living. One of the most popular places in the world for setting up this new lifestyle is Lake Chapala. This is due in large part to a great many traits of the area, but Lake Chapala retirement actually comes at a pretty affordable rate, even with the area being as popular as it is.


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Moving to Mexico: Chapter 7

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a writer.

In college, my guidance counselor and I had a conversation about this.

“Do you want to make money?” She asked.

“Of course.”

“Very few writers make much money,” she said with a bit of a frown. I shifted a bit in my seat.

“Writing is all I know. How can I make money?” I asked.

“Have you considered law school?” She asked. I had. Like many people, I had dreamt of arguing my point in a packed courtroom, brilliantly detailing my case, pushing the law and the judge to the limit and saving my client. You know, like every attorney on TV and in the movies. Who wouldn’t like to do that job?

I got my degree in English/Creative Writing, interned at a law firm over summer and went to law school.

What a mistake.

The real job of…

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This article was published in the Escape Artist Weekly Newsletter on August 03, 2018. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please click here.