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Papagayo: Another Jewel of Costa Rica

Papagayo it is the lesser populated part of Guanacaste, Costa Rica yet the most stunning! Located in the Northern part of Guanacaste on the Pacific coast, it has a wild feel to it that is invigorating and mystifying.  With its beautiful twelve white sand bays, crystal water and gorgeous views it is home to luxurious all inclusive resorts such as the Four Seasons.

There are however, no huge beach towns and it also has some very nice small and intimate hotels; with its untamed beaches and infinite horizons, this area is still very pristine and wild.   it is the ideal place to be to get away from everything and everyone, and if you are a sun and sea worshiper, then you found your place.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park and Volcano, and Santa Rosa are a stone throw away and so is the capital of Guanacaste, Liberia, with its an International Airport, Papagayo’s beautiful beaches are also excellent for swimming, scuba diving, sports fishing and surfing, depending on which beach you go. In Papagayo Costa Rica you will find the only wind surfing beach in Costa Rica, in Bahia Salinas or Bolanos Bay windsurfing is a big attraction; it is possible to wind surf all year around.

Papagayo is also a traditional destination for bird watchers and nature lovers. The wilderness, flora and fauna, are really awesome.  The tranquility and beauty are truly hard to beat!

The beaches of Papagayo are usually lined by almond or coconut trees for a little more shade that you need so that you may to stay in the sun just a little longer. The sunsets are every time even more impossibly spectacular. And for the avid surfers, Witch’s Rock is famous throughout the whole world for its fantastic break.

The Papagayo Tourist Project together with the government of Costa Rica are monitoring the growth of the region and the sustainability protects the gulf against destructive development, as we have seen in other places. When in Papagayo, try to see Playa Arenilla, Playa Blanca, Playa Pez and Vela Playa Escondida. Charming little towns like Sardinal are just a short drive away and is worth a short stop while on the way to more popular beaches such as Playa de Coco, Playa Flamingo Playa Ocotal, and Play Hermosa.


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