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Millennial Travel: Good for Business

Millennial Travel: Good for Business

Before anyone would really care to admit, millennials are, in more ways than one, taking over the world as you know it. Suddenly, these youngsters are all over the news, they’re all over the business landscape with their start-ups, and yes, they’re even taking over the travel industry.

You see, these millennials just love to travel.

Here’s an entire generation that likes to make bucket lists and even take them seriously. Here’s a generation that actively sets up goals for themselves and passionately achieves and realizes them one-by-one. And, when it comes to the question of what’s inside these bucket lists and what constitutes these goals, you can be sure that a huge chunk of them would consist of travel. Playing an original lottery like SuperEna Max is exactly the type of thing millenials want to see, big jackpots, easy to buy online, something to sponsor that big trip they have been planning for.

Now, if these millennials love to travel, what does this mean for business?

Two words, good news. Millennial travel is good for business, and here are several reasons why.


1) Millennials Give Your Business a Social Boost.

Millennials book their trips through social media and online platforms. When they buy tickets, these young people have the mental skills and technological know-how to get rid of or avoid the pesky long lines and crowds. How do they do this?

Very simply, instead of having to go to some travel agency and getting them to do the work (which the agents will probably get wrong, anyway), millennials will be more than happy to download an application that allows them to book their flights, reserve their accommodation, and maybe even setup some transportation arrangements. These millennials have learned to discover and book amazing travel experiences with Klook, among others. At the same time, they love to document their travels on their social media accounts. If you pay attention to those hashtags, you’ll notice that traveling is basically they attainment of #travelgoals.

Now, why is this good for business?

If your business is social enough, if your business has elements that make it follow-worthy (Do you have an Instagrammable ambiance? Does your business story deserve to be told and re-told? Do you offer quirks like themed services?), then you can look forward to millennials flocking your business.


2) Millennials like Businesses That Give them a ‘New Culture’.

More than shopping and (surprisingly) even more than partying, millennials love to travel because of the opportunity to get to experience and immerse themselves in a new culture, a unique experience. You can expect then, that their inclinations would be for more ‘local’ sights and sounds when they travel. You can think of it this way. When they visit Las Vegas for the first time, they won’t concern themselves too much with designer shopping. Instead, they’ll probably enjoy the trip to Las Vegas by trying out the casinos for the very first time.

For your business, this would be very good in such a way that it’ll challenge you to be able to provide great experiences, ones that any millennial will gladly cherish for a lifetime. Give them tours that tell a story, or give them a taste of what it means to live as a local, even for a short time. They’ll thank you for it.


3) Millennials Seek Adventures, as Well as Businesses that Provide Adventures.

The thing about these young people is that life, for them, is a matter of writing their own stories. Their travel experiences are all ways by which they get to add more chapters, more paragraphs, more line to the life that they are writing.

Thus, when they speak of adventures, they don’t just mean the heart-stopping (although it could be that, too). They don’t just mean the beating of one’s phobia. What they’re really talking about is an experience that’s memorable enough to add to their story. More precisely, this adventure must be something that they would be happy to share with people back home, again and again.

How will this help your business? Basically, you’re looking at an entire generation that will rely on you to give them experiences that they can turn into stories. You can turn this into good news for your business by being a company that can provide them with something that they can’t try or experience anywhere else. An ice cream that’s chili-flavored? A paintball business where you get to bring home the shirt you’re wearing? Yes, please.


In the End, Millennials are Your Allies in Your Business.

The key is to know the qualities of these millennials when it comes to their travel behavior. What are they looking for? What will make them come back for more? If you can provide this, then your business will have a strong advantage over others.

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