Five Medical Procedures and Treatments Worth Traveling Abroad For

Five Medical Procedures and Treatments Worth Traveling Abroad For

If a person is sick or wants some type of medical procedure done, they usually take the time to visit a doctor in their local community. If they have to see a specialist, they might travel a small distance in their region to see another doctor. This works for most people and most conditions. It does not work for everyone.

There are some procedures that are not offered in certain countries. There are also times when a person will want to see a doctor that practices in a different country because of the help they can offer. There are many different reasons that a person would consider traveling to another country to get medical treatment done:

  • It may not be available in the country they reside in.
  • The cost may be extremely expensive in their own country and lower somewhere else.
  • There could be privacy issues that are better served by seeking treatment in another country.

Here are five medical procedures and treatments that are worth traveling abroad for:

1. Weight loss surgery
The problem of obesity is staggering. While lap band surgery is offered in many countries, there is one country that has doctors who have been performing this surgery longer than others. Mexico approved this surgery, many years before it was approved in the United States. Some of the surgeons in Mexico have performed this procedure a lot more than their counterparts in the United States as a result of this and is one of the reasons people travel abroad for it.

2. Stem cell therapy
This treatment is controversial because of where the stem cells come from. It can be used to treat many conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Macular Degeneration. The problem is, it is not legal to use in many countries and the people that want it, have to travel to countries such as Mexico and China where it is available.

3. Post baby cosmetic procedures
Women that want to get their body restored to its youthful appearance after having a baby will travel to Latin America to have different procedures done. They can find spa and surgical treatments and can have tummy tucks, face lifts and other procedure to give them a younger appearing body. The centers in these countries take care of women in a very special way and make it worth traveling for.

4. Dental restoration
In the United States, dental restoration procedures are available. The problem is the cost and without the help of affordable and effective dental insurance, it is beyond the reach of many people. Traveling to a foreign country can get the person the procedures they want at a price they can afford even with the cost of traveling figured in.

5. Hip replacement
You can turn to a doctor in the United States for this procedure, but if you want the best orthopedic surgeons, look in countries such as India and Belgium. That is where they are located and they may be worth traveling for.

There are many other procedures that are worth traveling for. LASIK, angioplasty, medicinal treatments for chronic conditions and hair replacement are commonly done abroad. When it comes to your health, there is nothing wrong with getting the procedures you want done in the place where they are done best.

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