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Dolphins Park

Located in San Carlos New Guaymas, the Delfinario Sonora is San Carlos’s version of Sea World. It is educational and fun with picnic areas, food, drinks and sun or shade viewing of the shows.

Educational Tours

  • Adults $80.00 pesos (~$6.50 US)
  • Kids (3 to 12 years) $50.00 pesos (~$4.00 US)
  • Groups of students with reservation $30.00 pesos each (~$2.50 US each)
  • Special price for groups with previous reservation.

Touching table.

It is an area where everything can be touched, and you will learn a bit  about the bones and the evolution of marine mammals like:  whales, dolphins and marine wolves, besides other  organisms as the invertebrates.


With Ulises and Ariadna (our marine wolves) you will learn abut its anatomy and the differences of these with the seals. Besides,  they will show you the exercises that they have learned in its  training and some persons will be able to feed them.

You will attend a swim or training session where you will  learn about  the external anatomy and biology of the dolphins, while you  observe the jumps and exercises that have prepared for you.

Swim with dolphins.

  • Interactive swimming $1,000.00 pesos (~$80.00 US)
  • Educational swimming $400.00 pesos (~$32.00 US)

Interactive Swimming.

Take part learning about the dolphins while  you knows the physical characteristics of these surprising  mammals while you swim with them. Coexists, swim, receive  a kiss of the dolphins and experiences a jump over you and take you into  the water with great force. For safety reasons, pregnant women are  not allowed to participate.

Educational Swimming.

The swimming with dolphins program offers you the unique   opportunity to swim with a beautiful bottle nose dolphin. The  participants in this program have a glimpse of the tactile nature  of the dolphin while these impressive animals vocalize nicely whith the people.

Expert trainers supervise this meeting with the dolphins and offer  detailed information about the conduct and biology of these animals.  The dolphins also enjoy this experience and demonstrate it with  its skill to coexist with the human beings.

The participants must be 1.20 meters (~4 ft) tall. The children must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday and Sundays
     10:30 hrs
12:00 hrs
14:00 hrs
15:30 hrs


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