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Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in Singapore

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in Singapore

Before the arrival of the Marina Bay Sands, with its infinity pool and other architectural wonders stealing the limelight, Singapore was known as the Garden City, with numerous parks that are open to tourists and locals alike. As one of the smallest nations with the most advanced urban planning going on, Singapore has not neglected to incorporate nature and green spaces into her infrastructure. With its economic rise also came the initiative of its leaders to make the country sustainable in terms of resources. And not only has it made this country a more beautiful place to live in, but it has brought on tourists from all over the world who want to explore the urban jungle that it has grown to be. If you wish to check out all the greenery, here are some parks that you should not miss:

Gardens by the Bay

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in SingaporeYou have probably seen this landmark in posters, social media, and even tourist guides. Tourists cannot miss the 16-story supertrees that tower over the Singapore Skyline. Gardens by the Bay is located just next to Marina Reservoir and it is composed of two areas that you can explore – Bay East Garden and Bay South Garden where the supertrees are located.

If you’re up for a picnic, then make your way to Bay East Garden and enjoy the best waterfront view. You can also visit the Flower Dome and the famous Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome houses different kinds of plants from all over the world, with the enclosed dome controlling the climate, allowing for flowers of all kinds to thrive even in Singapore’s humid climate. With the myriad of colors adorning the scenery, this place is perfect for photographs. Meanwhile, the Cloud Forest also showcases different plants, but those which are usually grown on higher ground – some even up to 2,000 meters above sea level! If you’re bringing your kids, you can bring them to the Children’s Garden and the lakes where they can enjoy the interactive water tunnels and see the different aquatic life found there.

Botanic Gardens

Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore 259569

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in SingaporeThe first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore, the Botanic Gardens is a 60-acre landmark that has become synonymous with Singapore’s goal in being a garden city. With open spaces and tracks, this spot lets you lay out a picnic mat or a simple stroll through to enjoy the scenery. You will get the chance to see the National Orchid Garden which features over 60,000 species of plants. For families with kids, there is the SBG Heritage Museum and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden letting your little one find out more about plants. The best part is that there are restaurants and cafes in the area if you are tired and in need of a breather. It’s time to bring your camera and comfortable shoes for a whole day of exploration in this park.

Hort Park

Address: 33 Hyderabad Road, Singapore 119578

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in SingaporeWhat makes this park unique is the carefully landscaped and designed gardens that create the ambiance of tranquility for all visitors. It’s not the kind of park where you can get lost, but rather, one that is made for recreation and relaxation. It is in the Western area of Singapore and visitors have the choice to enjoy some activities during their visit – away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. You can plant seeds, take a tour of the Butterfly Garden, and stroll through the Flora walk. There are also some educational workshops which are held here, so keep an eye out for those!  

Mt Faber Park

Address: 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in SingaporeAlso known as the second tallest hill in Singapore, Mount Faber Park gives majestic panoramic views of this small nation. One of the most famous tourist attractions in the country is the cable car system which takes visitors from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island. Be prepared for stunning views along the way! Whether you are traveling as a family, as friends, or as couples who are on a romantic getaway, this tourist attraction has something for everyone. The cable car station, known as Faber Peak, now houses a bar where visitors can relax. Some opt for the option of having meals in their cable car cabins as they pass through the sceneries. How unique is this experience, right? Time to make your way to Faber Peak and go all-out tourist mode!

Macritchie Reservoir

Address: MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Singapore 298717

Top 5 Parks You Have to Check Out in SingaporeFor those who love the great outdoors, the MacRitchie Nature Trail & Reservoir Park and its attractions will be the perfect destination for you! You can consider it a playground for nature lovers! Tourists can conquer the walking trails, walk through the TreeTop Walk – a suspension bridge that is responsible for connecting the two highest peaks in MacRitchie – and even enjoy water sports in the nearby Paddle Lodge. You may just get to see monkeys and squirrels along the way! With the activities that it has to offer, this park serves as one of the best locations for a day in the outdoors!  

Has Singapore appeared in your travel radar now? Despite its small size, this island has become one of the hottest destinations in Asia, especially because of its vision as a green city. As an urban city, the infrastructures never lack the provisions for natural resources. This is part of the reason why it has become one of the best countries to visit if you want to enjoy parks and tranquil nature scenes. You can simply hop on the train to visit one attraction to the other and it is very convenient if you are aiming to enjoy different types of activities with the family or with your group of friends! So, if you are still thinking about, go ahead and book that flight to Singapore. There is no doubt that it will be one trip to remember. For more destination guides and accommodation reviews on Singapore, check out Trip101.

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