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Vacation Rentals in Costa Rica

While there are numerous hotels, resorts, hostels, and bed and breakfasts in Costa Rica, the real jewels in the crown of tourist hospitality are Costa Rica vacation rentals. Whether you’re renting a stunning oceanview villa on a lush green mountainside or a charming beachfront cottage with a porch and a hammock, there’s sure to be a vacation rental to fit your budget, group size, and lifestyle needs.

Why choose Costa Rica vacation rentals over a hotel?
So you’re a bit skeptical. You’re thinking, “What’s the point of renting a house or villa instead of staying in a hotel?”

Well, friend, there are lots of great reasons to book a Costa Rica vacation rentals?

  • Privacy– The only people in the house are the people you came with. That could be just your new Mrs. or that could be your whole extended family. Still, you’ll never have to wait in line at the lobby, smell other people smoking in the hallways, or share the pool with a pack of unruly, unsupervised children
  • Kitchens– The majority of vacation rentals come with a fully equipped kitchen. What you do with that kitchen is up to you! It’s great to be able to store those delicious gourmet restaurant leftovers in the full sized fridge, and you can always keep it stocked with beer, soda, or energy drinks. Having a kitchen means you can brew fresh Costa Rican coffee in the mornings, have a late night snack, or even hire a private chef to whip you a decadent meal. Try doing THAT in a hotel room!
  • Pool– Most vacation rentals feature their own private pool. This is perfect for adults who want to float and enjoy a relaxing soak in silence, as well as for families who have kids to entertain. Having a private pool means more room for you and your loved ones to spread out and splash around.
  • Space– Hotel rooms can be small, cramped spaces. In a vacation rental, your family has plenty of room to spread out. Want to take a nap? Go lay down in one of the bedrooms. Want to watch a movie? Relax on the comfy living room couch and pop in a DVD. Want to go swimming? The private pool with a gorgeous view is just outside on the terrace! Staying in a vacation rental means that your whole family isn’t on top of each other, pushing and shoving and clamouring for space. You’ll have lots of air to breathe and lots of elbow room.
  • Value– When it comes down to it, the lump sum of renting a vacation home in Costa Rica may seem daunting, but when you compare that sum to the cost of a week long stay in fancy hotel or resort, they are about the same. In fact, if you choose to cook meals at home and have breakfast in the villa, your vacation rental stay may wind up costing less than a hotel stay. Plus, think of everything you get for your money!

There are massive seaside mansions, high rise condos, and beachy bungalows all throughtout Costa Rica. Wherever you want to go, there’s sure to be a vacation rental to fit your budget. So as you plan your next family vacation in Costa Rica, don’t just look at hotels.

EscapeArtist Costa Rica can help you with all of your vacation rental needs. If you are interested in Costa Rica vacation rentals click here and fill out our contact us form so we can have a travel specialist contact you.

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