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Christmas Desserts in Costa Rica

The holiday bells are ringing, the lights are being strung, and there’s that Christmas feeling in the air, regardless of the heat.

Christmas in Costa Rica is a fun and festive time. Families gather together, laughing, cooking, and preparing for the holidays. At this time of year, most people and families are talking about their tamale recipes or co-workers sharing bites of tamales during lunch.

But Christmas in Costa Rica would not be complete without mentioning all of the varied desserts that are made during this time. Unlike, our sour smiles when Auntie Bertha comes over and hands over her secret fruitcake which seems to stay just as hard until the following Christmas dinner when we had to throw it out to not embarrass her.

Costa Ricans makes some yummy desserts and fortunately for us, we can usually find them all year long. Be sure to try and find some and get a taste. Some might remind you of Aunt Berthas fruit cake but be sure to try at least a bite so you do not embarrass your Costa Rican host.

Here are a few scrumptious Costa Rican holiday treats sure to tickle your fancy:

Queque seco- pound cake

Torta Chilena- a layered cake filled with dulce de leche

Dulce de Leche- A syrup of boiled milk and sugar often used a topping or filling

Cajeta- a thick, fudge-like candy made of dulce de leche

Melcocha- sugar candies

Milanes- chocolate candies

Flan- chocolate or caramel custard, served cold

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Mazamorra- Corn starch pudding

Pan de Maiz- Corn bread

Tres Leches Cake- A sweet traditional cake made with several different kinds of milk

Arroz con Leche- Rice pudding

Miel de Chiverre- This is sweet squash mashed into a buttery, paste-like substance that can be spread on bread or crackers. This is a very traditional Christmas treat.

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