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Best Time to Buy Real Estate In Costa Rica

If you are considering buying real estate in Costa Rica, it’s important to know when the best times to buy are. Those at all familiar with the ebb and flow of Costa Rican tourism know that the quietest times of the year come around October and November, when the rainy season is at its strongest. While many hardworking Ticos are preparing for the coming high season, and many tourists are busy planning their next summer-month vacations to Costa Rica, the savy real estate buyer knows that this tranquil, low season is actually the prime time for purchasing real estate in Costa Rica. Here’s why:

From the start of September to the end of November marks the rainiest, wettest weather season in Costa Rica. This time of year is also when school begins again in the United States, sending many families into a flurry of back-to-school related activities. Summer vacation is over, and planning a vacation is the farthest thing from anyone’s mind, let alone trying to buy property abroad.

Now imagine you are trying to sell a property in Costa Rica. Since it’s low season and tourism has slowed significantly, you are sitting on this property for months with no prospective buyers, and if you are trying to rent it out, no renters. This quiet waiting period leaves most property sellers itching for the high season, when they can make a sale. So when you come looking for a property during this low tourism season, you are much more likely to get a good deal on a property. Sellers are anxious during the slow months, and as a buyer, you have much more leverage during this time.

Another advantage of buying real estate in Costa Ricaduring October or November is that you’ll hopefully be in possession of your new property by December or January. If you are planning to rent your property, this is prime time to do so, as it’s the beginning of the busy high season. Another perk of buying property during October and November is the significantly lower plane tickets and hotel rental rates. During low season, all prices drop in Costa Rica.

So if you are planning on buying property in Costa Rica, why not try to make a purchase in October or November and get the most bang for you buck?

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