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Affordable Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a vast array of affordable drug and alcohol treatment centers. With small clinics that focus on recovery, stress relief, and personal growth as well as massive rehab centers with private pools, beautiful grounds, and full day spas, there is no end to the possibilities.


How Does Costa Rica Provide Affordable Drug And Alcohol Treatment?

The cost of living in Costa Rica is significantly less than in the United States. While not everything is cheaper in this country, many of the daily necessities, such as food, water, and basic toiletries are extremely affordable. This makes the maintenance involved in opening and running an all-inclusive drug and alcohol rehab center in Costa Rica much less expensive than in the Unites States. For this reason, the prices of drug treatment rehabilitation programs in Costa Rica are significantly less than their equals in other countries such as the USA and Europe.

Another reason rehab clinics in Costa Rica are so affordable is the cost of utilities. In many areas of Costa Rica, most especially the Central Valley, the weather is temperate and mild. This eliminates the high cost of both heating and air conditioning a large rehabilitation center, making it much cheaper for the recovering clients.


Focus Is On Addiction Recovery With Affordable Drug And Alcohol Treatment

When attending a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center, you should be focusing on your health and personal growth, not the medical costs. Costa Rica is a stunning natural paradise and the perfect place to recover, heal, and take your life back. Costa Rica Treatment Center is an affordable drug and alcohol rehab center located in Rohrmoser, Costa Rica. They have a residential recovery program and a detox center for incoming patients.

For more information on affordable drug and alcohol treatment in Costa Rica, please contact us or call in the USA 1-800-708-3656 or Costa Rica 506-4033-7830.

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