facebook 5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad to Dubai

5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad To Dubai

5 Things You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad To Dubai

Can’t wait to pack your bags for that long-awaited Dubai vacation? Don’t let your excitement get the better of you. While this magnificent city offers the best in terms of luxury, you would regret it if your itinerary only included its towering skyscrapers. There’s much more to Dubai than its grandiose city life. The following are five things you ought to know before your trip.

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1. The Skyscrapers Are Majestic, But Hidden In Between Are Must-Visit Souks

In case you’re wondering, souks are an Arab marketplace, or what we call bazaars in the West. Dubai has become the epitome of modernism, but it pays to explore its rich culture and history as well. Back in the day, Dubai Creek was the heart of the city. This place is now home to souks where traders from different parts of the Middle East continue to make their living by selling a variety of wares. From the silver treasures of Oman to turquoise jewelry of Iran, you’ll surely find something spectacular in one of these souks.


2. The Spas And Hotels Are As Luxurious As They Come

Many travelers to Dubai do not think too much of the places in which they can have a peaceful and relaxing time. After all, the limited time you have should be spent wandering the city, right? But, Dubai has the best luxury spas in the world, making them a must-have in your itinerary. For an unmatched spa experience, be sure to head over to a luxury hotel. The beauty clinics in malls cannot match what the hotels provide. You should book hotels in Dubai online well in advance to get more affordable rates.


3. The Food Is Amazing

Dubai boasts an enormous expat population, making the city a melting pot of tasty treats. Without question, you wouldn’t want to miss the exciting food scene in Dubai. And don’t worry; you don’t have to go to luxury restaurants to satisfy your tummy. You can opt to join foodie tours wherein you visit different places in the city, including Bur Dubai to feast on various international cuisines.


4. The Burkini Isn’t A Must, But Still Be Cautious With What You Wear

One of the things many people worry about when travelling abroad to Dubai is the clothes they need to wear. While the UAE has welcomed tourists from all over the world, it’s still a Muslim country, so respecting their beliefs and traditions should be observed. Thankfully, the country isn’t as conservative as you’d imagine. Your bikini is fine at the beach, but don’t wear revealing outfits elsewhere. And no, there’s no need to cover your hair.


5. The Nightlife Is Vibrant

Ever heard that there’s no alcohol in Dubai? Well, there is; you only have to look in the right places. In Dubai, you can only buy alcohol in bars, clubs, and hotel restaurants. That may not sound like a whole lot of fun, but you’d be surprised by just how enjoyable the Dubai nightlife is with all its fancy pubs and extravagant Champagne bars. Be sure not to drink too much, however, as you might find yourself headed to the police station instead of your hotel room. Alongside the nightlife you can also enjoy some great events happening in the city – Sensation (White) and Tomorrowland are some of them.


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