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5 Fun Things You Can Do in Spitsbergen

5 Fun Things You Can Do in Spitsbergen

One of the next great places that I want to explore requires some heavy coats. My goal is to experience snow for the first time in my life. To do that, there are a few overseas travel hotspots that I could check out. For example, I could go to the United States this Christmas season. Maybe book a flight to Japan and experience the “Winter Wonderland.” Moscow is another place where you can experience snow at its finest. You can even go to Nepal and try to climb Mount Everest, with professional supervision from the tour guides, of course.

The cold world of Antarctica is probably the least-visited place for adventurers to play in the snow. If you want to see a bunch of penguins, however, it’s the best place for you to spend a vacation. To keep yourself warm, make sure that you bring more than one coat. Layering well is the only way to cope with the freezing temperatures.

However, there’s one cold place in the world that provides you with an extraordinary experience like no other – creating lasting memories that you will cherish forever. Without further ado, I am talking about a place known as Spitsbergen, Norway.

There’s no way you should underestimate Spitsbergen as one of the most incredible tourist attractions in the world.

When it comes to Spitsbergen, it’s like you’re in the North Pole or Antarctica. However, Spitsbergen is something different than you have ever imagined!

Here are 5 Fun Things You Can Do When Traveling Abroad in Spitsbergen, Norway:

1 – Snowmobile Riding

One of the reasons that I want to visit this place is for the snowmobile riding, and Spitsbergen is one of the best places to do it. You will need to apply for a license in Norway if you plan to drive yourself.


2 – Polar Bear Viewing at Svalbard

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a polar bear for real – outside of the National Geographic, Discovery Channel, or Animal Planet television networks. Just remember, they are dangerous animals, so don’t get too close.

You can try booking a tour at the Spitsbergen expeditions to see them while on a cruise. The best months for you to see the polar bears are March and April. You can take a lot of pictures of polar bears while on the cruise. However, taking a selfie with a carnivorous animal isn’t recommended, unless you’re Mark “Grizzly Man” Dumas (the only guy who can swim and take selfies with a polar bear).


3 – Dog Sled Riding

For those of you who cannot afford the time or cost to grab a license for snowmobile riding, you can opt for a dog sled instead. This is an experience I would love to try, and I hope there will be reindeer sled riding in the future!


4 – Shopping at Longyearbyen

For sure, everyone loves shopping. However, you may not see anything like the Siberia-like town of Longyearbyen. In a peaceful cold town like Longyearbyen, you’ll find an entertainment center, a few bars, and some restaurants around the corner. There are shops in Longyearbyen that you can visit and buy souvenirs to remember your trip by. If I have the chance to visit here one day, I would take the opportunity to shop as much as I could.


5 – See the Northern Lights

One of the highlights of Spitsbergen is seeing the northern lights. However, it is not possible for you to see them during the summer. In the winter season, they are easily enjoyed throughout Iceland and northern Norway. This nighttime phenomenon is a great way to cap off your day in Spitsbergen!

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