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10 Things You Should Know About Working in iGaming

10 Things You Should Know About Working in iGaming

Fast-paced, innovative and unpredictable – iGaming is a unique and young industry, and most certainly not for everyone. But for those who are prepared to delve into an international and rapidly changing work culture, the field of online gambling can be an excellent place to learn essential and transferable skills in anything from HR to UX design to SEO – all while living abroad as a work-driven expat.


What is iGaming?

iGaming is an umbrella term which covers all forms of online gambling. Whilst the term is most commonly associated with online poker rooms and online casinos, iGaming also extends into online sports betting, esports betting, cryptocurrencies, binary trading, and fantasy sports. The industry is comprised of many different kinds of businesses, from affiliates to game designers to platform providers.


iGaming is truly international – and subsequently multilingual.

If you speak more than one language, you’ll find yourself amongst the majority in the industry. In fact, having colleagues who speak three to four language is hardly unusual. This result in an impressively multicultural work environment.


Relocation opportunities are numerous.

A career in iGaming is not the best choice for a person who likes to stay in one place. Many of the bigger companies have several offices located in countries like Sweden, Spain, UK, Estonia, Malta and increasingly in Asia, where interest in iGaming is growing at an incredible rate. The chances of you being asked to relocate for a job are high, making the industry ideal for the voluntary globetrotter.


Career progression possibilities are vast.

Ambitious individuals looking to fast-track their career are drawn to the iGaming industry for its promise of quick career progression. Talent, commitment, and potential are often rewarded over years of experience.

In a youthful industry such as this, showing initiative, being proactive, and demonstrating intelligent thinking will be rewarded. Often we look for individuals with a certain personality or mindset rather than a precise skillset,” says James Bowlby-Whiting from Malta-based recruitment agency Betting Connections.

You shouldn’t be surprised if your boss is in their early thirties. Those prepared to put in the hours to stand out above the rest are able to climb the corporate ladder and find themselves in hot demand within just three to four years.

Enjoy this podcast from The Expat Money ShowJohnnyFD who talks about moving from the USA and living in Bali and Thailand.

iGaming is a rich industry.

The global online gambling market is projected to be valued at 59.79 billion USD by 2020, though with the unpredictable potential of new sectors such as cryptocurrencies and esports, the figure could be even greater. This has the same implications as in any rich industry – business is rife with investment, growth, innovation and opportunities.


There’s a strong community of iGaming professionals.

Perhaps because so many iGaming employees are expats, the industry is known for strong social networking. This comes in the form of after-work events, weekend parties, and online communities on the likes of Facebook. A lot of the larger companies go far in ensuring that new and relocated employees are given plenty of opportunities to make friends and ease into the local community. The youthful nature of the industry also explains its big party culture.


Flexible working conditions are the norm.

Yet another quality that can be attributed toward the youthful and online-based nature of the industry is flexible working conditions. It is not uncommon for employees to work remotely or set their own hours. Employers are generally open to discussing part-time arrangements and highly personalized contracts.

Allowing remote work or alternative working hours now and again is not a problem for us. Employees value this flexibility and it subsequently instills a sense of responsibility that translates into a trusting work environment,” says Lucy Jacobs from PlayFrank, an online casino in the UK.


You will become a specialist.

A background in the iGaming field is rarely essential for breaking into more senior roles. Whilst candidates with prior experience in gaming are a clear asset, there’s a wealth of jobs with no expectation or even need for expertise. Instead, recruiters will be interested in your stand-alone skills – even if you have only ever previously applied them in entirely different fields.

Having a good understanding of programming, marketing, customer retention, HR, product design, affiliate management or SEO will make you an attractive prospect for young companies seeking talented staff.

Some companies will offer a course or formal introduction to the iGaming industry, but most likely you will come to pick up on the basics very quickly through the vast amount of information you’ll absorb simply from being employed in the industry.

The many industry news publications, community events, and strong workplace communication will ensure that within a year – whether you’re working with sportsbooks or online poker – you’ll realize you’re something of an expert in your respective field.


Offices tend to impress.

Young, innovative and lucrative – these defining characteristics of the iGaming industry should go some way in explaining why iGaming offices are on par with those of Silicon Valley in terms of creativity, ergonomics, and modernity.

Games rooms, relaxation rooms, state-of-the-art equipped kitchens, free lunch buffets, quirky art, skyscraper views, stylish interior; these features turn offices into an equally appropriate setting for after-work events and parties.

“Exceptional creative spaces attract the best employees in the industry. The optimal design allows space efficiency, maximizing potential for…overall successful operations throughout the company. From experience I am strongly aware that having a good design allows the iGaming company to achieve a perfect balance between work and leisure”, says Angie Scribera, an architect specialized in iGaming offices.

Every day is casual Friday.  

True to the casual nature of Scandinavian work culture, out of which so many iGaming businesses derive, many offices will have a relaxed dress code. Employees leave the tie or heels at home and opt instead for something comfortable but smart.

Working within iGaming offers plenty of perks, and with the huge demand for staff in all kinds of different areas, it’s worth considering breaking into this field if you’re ambitious and interested in the potential of new technologies, gaming culture, and online-based businesses.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article: 10 Things You Should Know About Working in iGaming. If you have any questions, please contact our office HERE.

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