facebook 5 Tips to Follow for Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Crisis

5 Tips to Follow for Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Crisis

5 Tips to Follow for Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Crisis

There are definitely challenges to be overcome in the current job market if you are looking for work. For instance, companies are having to employ people remotely. This means that recruitment is taking place online.

There are obviously fewer jobs available than there would normally be. So, you need to give yourself the best chances of success if you are seeking a new role. Here are five top tips to help you navigate the online job hunting process during the coronavirus crisis.


1. Make Sure Your CV and Profiles Are Up to Date and Relevant

The best way for a potential employer to find out about you, and the skills you have to offer, is to read your CV or online professional profiles. For this reason, it’s important to update your details and revitalize your CV and profiles so that they highlight your abilities that are most relevant to the current situation.

For instance, you should provide examples of how you have managed change during this time of great uncertainty, when flexibility is essential. You should also make sure that you include any new skills that you have acquired during this lockdown. Doing this does not just show these skills, it also shows that you are making good use of your time and situation. It also helps if you can display a willingness to take on new opportunities. This will help you to broaden your range of options.


2. Learn Valuable Skills

If you are currently not working due to the coronavirus crisis, you can put your time to good use learning skills that will be valuable to you as you search for work. Look for opportunities for you to learn online and choose subjects that you believe will be most valuable to you.

To get the best results from your study, you need to be organized. You should make sure that you create a study schedule. Doing this helps you to organize your time and ensures that you are not interrupted by unwanted distractions.


3. Be Prepared For Online Interviews

If you are lucky enough to be invited to interview for a role during the current crisis, you need to be prepared for an online interview. With this in mind, there are certain things that you need to do to give you the best chance of success.

  • Test your technology. You do not want there to be any technical hitches while you are being interviewed. This is why testing your Internet Connection and equipment beforehand is so important.
  • Choose the right location for the interview. If you are being interviewed for a job online, you need to choose a quiet place in your home. You should also make sure that others in your home are aware that they should not interrupt you.
  • Spend time researching potential employers online. This helps you to think of questions that you can ask during the interview. It will also help you to be prepared for questions that the interviewer may ask.
  • Dress appropriately. You should choose clothes that are professional as you would for an interview. You should also avoid bright patterns that may interfere with the visual experience of the interviewer.
  • Be prepared to ask pandemic related questions. At this time, it’s important that you fully understand a company’s strategies for dealing with the pandemic and what will happen in the future, when remote working is likely to be more prevalent.


4. Build Online Networks

Building networks is always a good way of opening up new work opportunities. It gives you the chance to communicate with people who may be able to give you advice and support. You may also be able to identify appropriate roles in this way.

One of the best ways to do this is by having an up to date LinkedIn profile and account. You can use this to build a network with other professionals.


5. Highlight Skills That Are Relevant For The Time

Even when the pandemic reaches an end, many companies will likely continue with remote working. Therefore, it makes sense to highlight skills that are relevant to this.  These skills include:

  • Time management. If you are working from home, you need to understand how to manage your time. Potential employers will be more likely to hire you if you can provide examples of being able to do this.
  • It can be more complicated to communicate with other members of a team when you are working remotely. This means that you should highlight times when you have had to use exceptional communication skills.
  • Certain obstacles need to be navigated when it comes to successfully collaborating when working remotely. This is why it’s good if you can provide examples of being able to collaborate remotely.

When you are highlighting your relevant skills, you should understand that most companies will be looking for people who display abilities to adapt and be creative while maintaining productivity. It also helps if you have some technical ability as technology plays a pivotal role in remote working.


In Summary

It’s a difficult time to be looking for work as there is a shortage of available roles. However, there are still opportunities available if you know how to optimize your job hunting. Following the tips in this article will help to give you the edge over others.

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This applies now when the pandemic is still affecting most of the world. It will also continue to apply once companies start to begin to recover financially. They will be looking to hire people who can be flexible and adaptable as they attempt to improve working practices and reduce costs. This will likely include expecting more people to work remotely and make use of the latest technology. Remember to bear this in mind when you are looking for job opportunities and applying for vacancies.

I hope you got value from this article: Top Tips to Follow for Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Crisis. 

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