Unified Korea, Candy Hearts, and a Clean Energy State

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As the week wraps up and we anxiously anticipate the weekend, let’s reflect on all that we accomplished and those things still to come. Personally, I’m looking forward to the Olympic games commencing. For one, there have been some interesting attitudes and politics surrounding the games involving North and South Korea, who seem to continue to surprise the world with their unified behavior.

Coming up next week, we also have one of the world’s most romantic holidays: Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for a look at how this holiday is celebrated across the globe.

Also in this week’s round-up, find out what scientific breakthrough could change how we view fertility forever – and learn what to keep in mind when doing your taxes abroad.


North and South Korea United in Olympic Ceremony

During the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, North and South Korean leaders surprisingly showed signs of unification after years of anger and tension.

The lights, music, and performers must have put good feelings in the air when Kim Jong-un’s sister shook hands with South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, seeming genuinely happy with the interaction. United States Vice President, Mike Pence, sat just one row ahead of the interaction.

Soon after, North and South Korean athletes entered the stadium together, waving flags showing a unified Korea. This is the first time this has happened since 2007.

This a very exciting time for North and South Korea. I look forward to seeing how the unification holds up during the Olympic games and if this feeling will remain after the closing ceremonies.


Candy Hearts and Black Bean Noodles: Valentine’s Day Around the World

Next Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, a day of love, flowers, candy, and romance. Stores in the U.S. are filled with stuffed animals, chocolates, candy hearts, greeting cards, and typical Valentine’s Day necessities. Not every country celebrates Valentine’s Day this way, however. Below, I’ve gathered some information about how countries all over the world celebrate this special day.

France: It is believed that the Valentine’s Day card originated in France in 1415, when Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his wife while imprisoned in the Tower of London.

An old tradition, later banned by the government, involves filling houses that faced each other with people and taking turns calling out to one another and pairing off. Men who were not satisfied would leave their match for another.

South Korea: Valentine’s Day is so popular for young couples in South Korea that variations of the holiday are celebrated monthly from February to April. On Valentine’s Day, women shower their partners with chocolate, candles, and flowers. On March 14th, on what is called White Day, the tables are turned and the men shower their partners with gifts. On Black Day, April 14th, those who don’t have anything to celebrate mourn their loneliness. The traditional means for such mourners involves eating a dish of black bean noodles.

Italy: An old holiday tradition in Italy was for young, single women to wake up early to spot their husband. It was believed that the first man the woman saw on Valentine’s Day was, or resembled, the man she was to marry within a year.

Brazil: Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day in February, Brazilians enjoy Dia dos Namorados (Lover’s Day) on June 12th. This is where couples exchange flowers, cards, and gifts, as well as enjoy countrywide music festivals and performances.


What Indian State is Blowing Us Away with Clean Energy?

According to a report, Tamil Nadu, in the southern region of India, is becoming a world leader in wind power. It was predicted that by 2027, more than half of the state’s energy will be generated by zero emissions technologies, mostly solar and wind.

The state currently has a capacity to generate wind power of 7.85 gigawatts, which is already higher than other leaders like Denmark and Sweden. The report says that this number could double within the next decade. This means that 67% of Tamil Nadu’s energy capacity would be renewable energy.

These figures prove that with such a high population, higher than that of Australia, a country can still reduce its carbon emissions.


First Artificial Eggs Developed

This next story sounds like it comes from a science fiction movie, but I suppose the future is, in fact, upon us. A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh have made a breakthrough for science and women facing fertility problems all around the world.
Led by Marie McLaughlin, the scientists developed the first mature human eggs in a lab. This achievement will be able to assure fertility in women who have undergone cancer treatment or are naturally infertile.

By developing follicles and growing them in hormones, McLaughlin and her team were able to produce several mature eggs.


How Do I File My Taxes While Abroad?

When moving abroad, it is important to understand what the new tax laws mean for your first year overseas. Even when you are abroad, if you are a U.S. citizen, you are still subject to reporting taxes on income made all over the world. It can be confusing when you are a resident of another country and still pay taxes back home.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when thinking about your taxes while abroad:

Qualification of Foreign Earned Income and Housing Exclusions

In the case that an expat can prove their tax home is outside of the U.S., which means they can pass the bona fide residence test of physical presence, they can exclude some of their income from overseas.

This tax rule only applies to earned income from employment, not from an investment.

Contributing to a U.S. Pension While Abroad

Many still contribute to their IRA while abroad, especially within the first year. This contribution to a U.S. pension is still tax deductible while living in a new country. Again, this only applies to earned income.

Deductibility of Moving ExpensesSome expats are eligible for tax deductions in cases of self-incurred moving expenses or excluding any income from employer reimbursements of moving expenses.

Other tax rules may apply when breaking residency with your former home state or retaining a U.S. accountant while abroad. Settling your taxes overseas can be confusing, especially if it’s your first year abroad. The experts at Escape Artist can help you with this.

If you would like assistance with filing your taxes this year, please contact me here and I will introduce you to the Escape Artist Tax Partners.


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Portugal, at the western end of Europe, is one of the wildest and least explored countries of the old continent. It has seduced thousands of expatriates with the kindness of its people, extensive coastline and its cities full of breathtaking architecture. In recent years, Portugal’s economy is starting to reach its maximum potential as it has become out of the blue a haven for foreign investment.

Portugal has maintained positive economic growth during the last 3 years, which has been the product of an increase in domestic demand The fiscal deficit was reduced by 50% last year, from 4.4% to 2.5%, which is quite remarkable because of the environment of Political and economic uncertainty that permeates in the European Union.

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