Summer Vacation is Just Around the Corner

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Winter has ended, and soon spring will become summer. It’s time to start planning new adventures. For those who don’t want to just sit around this vacation season, I’ve gathered some of the most action-packed travel destinations and activities for you!

This week’s round-up also includes some great new Caribbean real estate listings from Jamie Alleyne and Associates.

Keep reading to find out how Koreans are unifying through sport.

Also, at the end of this round-up, find out how you can have a hand in helping us with the very first Escape Artist Conference!


Your New Home Could be in the Caribbean

Last week, we introduced you to our new friends, Jamie Alleyne and Associates. This week, they have shared some amazing real estate opportunities for you! Below are some of their great listings. My personal favorite is the Eden’s Gate listing.

Wesley, Dominica – Eden’s Gate

Summer Vacation is Just Around the Corner

Oceanfront land containing main house and separate 2-story guest house which includes a one-bedroom apartment above and one efficiency apartment with workshop/laundry below.

Architecturally-designed and custom-built structure with wide open views of the sea and Atlantic coast. Large open decks, 10 ft walls, 8 ft doors throughout, hurricane protection, modern gourmet kitchen.  Click here for more information on Eden’s Gate.

Melville Hall, Dominica – Cottage Estate

Summer Vacation is Just Around the Corner

This 4-acre property includes the estate home and 2 rental units. With a gardener’s house, garden shed, and 2 additional unfinished rental units, there are 7 structures in total.  Click here for more information on Cottage Estate.

Fond Melle, Dominica

Summer Vacation is Just Around the Corner

This is one of the best investment opportunities just hitting the real estate market in Dominica.

5.689 acres of land for sale in Dominica with natural spring water source flowing year-round. Property borders the main road and has access to all major utilities. Land is sloping to slightly sloping onto a large plateau perfect for building.

Beautiful lush forest views, 30 minutes from the main city. Two minutes from Dominica’s Famous Emerald Pool. Fifteen minutes from the Kalinago Territory – only remaining habitation of the Caribbean’s indigenous people.  Click here for more information on the Fond Melle property.


Put the Piña Colada Down and Plant a Tree

Vacations can be a great time to relax, get some sun, and lie on the beach. What people may overlook is the opportunity to give to a community that is welcoming them. There are many places all over the world that accept tourists, and there are many programs in need of help that welcome visitors. Seeds of Love is just one example.

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, beautiful green landscapes with coconut trees and vibrant hibiscus flowers on the British Virgin Islands were wiped away in just a few hours. The category-5 hurricane hit the island with 240 mile-per-hour winds, damaging 85% of the structures on the island.

Seeds of Love will be working directly with the Department of Agriculture and National Parks to replant the country’s vegetation. Various organizations have donated plants to the project and the island is looking for participants to help replant.

Those visiting the island can take part by reaching out to their hotels or villas.

The Seeds of Love program wants to plant seedlings and teach residents how to nurture the plants of the Caribbean.


Watch Out Coachella – There’s a Better Festival in Town!

Do you like the idea of festivals but don’t love the idea of getting all dusty? Are you more of a glamper than a camper? Do you have an extra $1 million? The Secret Solstice festival is the festival you never knew you wanted!

Located in Reykjavik, Iceland, Secret Solstice is a four-day festival during a 96-hour period of continuous daylight in an Arctic phenomenon called “midnight sun.”

Is the $1 million price point too high? With that ticket, you and five friends will take a private business jet to the festival and enjoy delicious food, wonderful sightseeing, luxury accommodation, and a private party with a well-known headliner. This year includes Stormzy, Slayer, Gucci Mane, Bonnie Tyler, Clean Bandit, Death From Above, Steve Aoki, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, and more!

Attendees will also visit a 5000-year-old lava tunnel and party inside Europe’s second largest glacier. A helicopter tour over southern Iceland, horseback riding, and a catered World Cup viewing party is also included.


Don’t Know How to Spend Your 245 Personal Days? How About a Cruise?

If you’ve ever taken a cruise and thought, “This would be so much better if it lasted longer,” Viking Cruises has the solution.

On Tuesday, Viking announced its plans for a 245-day tour around the world. Setting to the sea from London on August 31, Consumer Resource Guide2019, the trip will take 930 passengers on the Viking Sun, stopping at 113 ports in 59 countries.

The west-bound trip will first stop in Iceland, Greenland, and Canada before continuing along the U.S. east coast and the Caribbean. After South America, it will hit the west coast of Central America and the U.S. before crossing the Pacific, where the cruise will hit New Zealand, Australia, several Asian destinations, and end back in the UK after visiting the Mediterranean.

To enjoy the whole trip, a ticket will cost you $92,990 per person. If you don’t have the time for the whole shebang, there is the option to join the first 127 days for $47,995 or the last 119 days for $45,995.


Unification in the Name of Table Tennis

Back during the Winter Olympics, many were surprised when the North and South Korean Women’s Hockey teams merged. The trend of Korean sports teams joining forces has continued. Days after the leaders of North and South Korea met, the two nations unified the table tennis hall.

The teams were scheduled to go head-to-head in the quarter-finals of the World Team Table Tennis Championships in Sweden, but instead they formed one team. This is the first time something like this has happened in the competition. The Korean team is scheduled to face Japan or Ukraine in the final four at the end of the week.


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