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Working in Oman as an Expat

In recent years, the economy has been rough on everyone and many people are looking abroad to find decent paychecks.  One of the places rising in popularity right now is Oman in the Middle East since the economy and job market in Oman is exploding thanks to the natural gas industry.  If you’ve been looking for an adventurous way to make money, then perhaps Oman will be a good choice for you.

Besides its employment opportunities, Oman offers a stable political climate, low crime, and pristine landscapes to newcomers.  However, before you jump a plane and start handing out your resume, you’ll need to have a sponsor first.  Basically, this means you’ll need to have a job ahead of time so that the company can act as your liaison and provide sponsorship into the country.

Where Can I Find Jobs in Oman?

Right now, the biggest industries available to expats in Oman are in natural gas and tourism.  However, thanks to these industries, other areas that are flourishing are in infrastructure, irrigation technology, recycling, construction, logistics, healthcare, biotechnology, and energy.  Clearly, there’s something for everyone there.

A good place to begin your job search is in the Oman Economic Review or in Business Today Oman.  These resources will provide you with a good basis of the various companies that are active and hiring.  Once you’re ready to jump into the application process, check out hiring engines like Careerjet Oman or Monster Gulf, or better yet, go directly to the company’s site and apply directly.

What Happens Once I Get Hired?

With the recent influx of tourists and expat workers, the visa process for Oman has been greatly simplified.  As soon as you have an employer, they will act as the sponsor for your visa (Note: Your visa is permanently tied to this employer, so if you quit or change jobs, you’ll need to get a new visa).  Before you leave your country of origin, you’ll apply for a residence visa through the Oman embassy.  Once the visa has been paid for, all that’s left to do is print the confirmation paperwork, which you’ll need upon entry into the country.

What Should I Expect From Employment in Oman?

The biggest benefit of working in Oman right now is the incredibly high pay.  On average, workers in all industries can expect to make anywhere from $5,000 – $25,000 a month, depending on the type of employment.

The other big bonus is that you won’t have personal income taxes on your earnings which means that if you save up your money, you can make some serious cash quickly while working abroad in Oman.

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