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Retiring in Curaçao

Retiring in Curaçao

Now that you are retired you want to leave your everyday life behind and enjoy your golden years. One great place to do just that is Curaçao. Whether you just want to relax at the beach doing nothing but read and enjoy a cold drink or learn some new sports, Curaçao has to offer something for everybody.

The island is relatively safe, the quality of life is high, if you like to walk, Curaçao is pedestrian friendly and it offers a great variety of entertainment and cultural events.

Buses, mini-buses, taxis and ferryboats offer transportation in Curaçao. MIni-buses are quick and comfortable, taxis are more expensive with fixed prices.

The  most popular activity in Curaçao are the water sports. There are numerous sites where you can snorkel or dive. Or do a tour around the island in a kayak. Paddle Surfing has made its way to Curaçao and it is a great way to keep fit and enjoy the beautiful weather in Curaçao.

If you like art, Curaçao is home of more than 30 local and international artists. Most are shown in local galleries like Gallery Alma Blou, Landhuis Bloemhof and Mon Art Gallery which are conveniently located and easy to reach.  And while traveling over the island you can find monuments, sculptures and paintings in public places to admire.

There are lots of restaurants and bars in Curaçao, many of which offer live music. If you like to go to the casino or listen to jazz music, you will find the right place in Willemstad and its surrounding areas.

There are many stores on the island where you can find everything you might need. There are many European brands offered as well as home decorations from Asia. The Goisco store is a mega store similar to very similar to the American Costco, where you can find almost everything from fresh produce to electronics. Shops are normally open from Monday to Saturday, and the regular opening hours are 8:00am – 12:00pm, and from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.

Pharmacies are called Botica. Here you can get  your prescribed medicines as well as household and cosmetic products.

Healthcare on the island is usually very good, especially in the capital. Remote areas might be less equipped for emergencies. If you have private insurance or paying for medical treatments out of your pocket, the attention is very good, but it is always advisable to have a medical evacuation insurance in case of an emergency and the need to be airlifted to the USA or any other country for medical treatment.



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