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Planning a Reverse Escape and Making It Memorable

Planning a Reverse Escape and Making It Memorable

The enchanting nature of visiting and settling in an entirely new place definitely has a great effect on a person. But even this magic is suspect to the conditioning of the human mind. Our brains stop perceiving a place as new when we have spent a considerable amount of time in that place – a process called “normalization.” We get accustomed to whatever surprised us or caught our fancy initially, and everything just starts seeming a tad bit usual and boring as more days and months tick by. Planning an escape and moving abroad to another country was definitely a good idea, but humans can become bored quite easily – and this is the very breaking point where you start planning another escape.

The power of nostalgia is as captivating as escaping into the unknown, so why not plan a reverse escape this time around to break the monotony? A reverse escape is when you go back and visit the place where you came from initially. As time whizzed by, the place you came from and moved on from has evolved and certainly has some great new things waiting for you. It’s the perfect escape, but with a comforting feeling of familiarity – you definitely need to know how you can ace this process and make it the most memorable.


List the new things that are there now:

You already know how your native country is, but new things happened while you were away – and this is where your biggest interest in returning will come from. Life abroad was enticing because you were excited to see new things in a new setting, but when the same feeling is initiated in a place that you think you know well, magic happens.

When planning a reverse escape, you need to make sure that you plan on visiting and experiencing all the things that are completely alien to you, allowing you the chance to see a place you know, with a feeling of unfamiliarity and enchantment.


Make maximum use of your changed perception:

You were living abroad for a very long time, so now you are not the native that you think you are. Even living in another place for a very short period of your life changes you as a person in a considerable way. You have a different perception, altered likes and dislikes, and exhibit the cultural ways of the country you lived in for so long, so you need to use this change to make your trip even more memorable.

Your newness needs to be embraced and is not something that you should hide inside. By following the way of life of the country you started living in, you will actually feel a strong sense of connection to both. The new things you have to share will certainly be of interest to people who you meet during your trip. Proudly display all the trends you followed or the changes in lifestyle that living abroad has taught you, whether it be simple things (like sleeping early, knowing how to play new games that others don’t know about, and eating more or less spicy foods) to more prominent ones (like exhibiting a new form of tango dance or pulling off the latest off-the-shoulder fashion trend with élan). This way, you will not become the dangerous “traveler bore” – not just reminiscing about stuff overseas, but actually bringing it to life in your new location.


Catching up with old friends and family:

Meeting people is great, but seeing people you already know after a very long time is even greater. You were out and the lives of the people you knew have changed considerably. Some have gotten married, had children, gotten rich, changed their professions, developed new stances, and a whole lot more. Social media definitely has allowed us to remain in touch with these changes as they happen, irrespective of distances between two people, but actually seeing the finer details of these changes up close is an experience unmatched.


First, carve out a list of people you want to meet again and earmark a few days of your reverse escape trip to serve this purpose. Secondly, take photo logs anywhere you go, so that all those great moments you get to share are captured forever.

A reverse escape is an antithesis of moving abroad for the first time, and it has the power to stimulate and rejuvenate your spirit to no end if done correctly. The trip is beckoning, and it’s up to you now to determine how much you can take from it and make it memorable, by finding the same magic that the love of traveling has long been famous for.

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