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Opening an Offshore Account

Another year, and even more instability across international finance. 

This time, it’s Credit Suisse who have required a rescue – as part of a bail-out/merger with the Swiss Government and UBS. 

Why’s this important? 

Well, it’s yet another example of a supposedly stable, trusted, and secure financial institution going under – this time in the supposedly economically-stable nation of Switzerland. 

And it’s another reason why offshore solutions are here to stay. 

We’ve already explored the benefits offered by offshore banking and the ways in which your privacy is prioritised – here, we’ll be taking things a step further in this month’s journey through offshore options with a practical look at our recommended financial institution, Caye International Bank. 

Caye International Bank 

Granted an unrestricted “A” Class International Banking License in 2003 by the Central Bank of Belize, Caye International Bank is a leading financial institution for those looking to move their wealth offshore or take advantage of offshore investment opportunities. 

The bank is headquartered on the picturesque island of Ambergris Caye and is fully regulated by the Central Bank of Belize, which sets rigorous standards for liquidity and capital adequacy.

As well as a comprehensive range of traditional and non-traditional banking services, Caye International Bank provides accounts in U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, Swiss Francs, and Euros – offering you the chance to bank in whichever currency works best for you. 

Thanks to their license, the bank is fully authorized to carry out business with both individuals and corporations who are non-residents of Belize – making it the ideal choice for international clients.

Ambergris Caye

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Why Belize? 

Belize has long attracted investors seeking a politically stable jurisdiction with strong asset protection laws. 

The local currency is pegged to the United States dollar at a fixed rate of 2:1, providing bank clients with peace of mind that their funds are secure and shielded from the threat of currency devaluation.

In addition to this currency stability, Belizean asset protection laws provide further safeguards for assets held under specific structures, such as international business corporations and trusts. This provides robust protection against lawsuits, judgments, and divorce settlements, ensuring that investors’ assets remain safe and secure.

When it comes to banking regulations, Belize sets itself apart by requiring essential bank reserve requirements that are at least four times the reserve requirements of their counterparts in the United States. 

For instance, Caye International Bank boasts one of the highest liquidity ratios of any global bank, with a current ratio of approximately 24%. This level of financial soundness underscores the bank’s commitment to providing their clients with a safe and secure banking environment.

With its strong currency, reliable asset protection laws, and stringent banking regulations, Belize represents an attractive proposition for investors seeking stability, security, and robust asset protection. 

What’s Offered

The services and accounts offered by Caye International Bank largely fall under three categories: 

  • Demand Deposits
    • Unlimited flexibility with transfers to and from your Caye bank account, which offers a competitive interest rate.
  • Savings Accounts
    • Be rewarded and reach your savings goal with a great interest rate when you regularly save each month.
  • Term Deposits
    • Enjoy a fixed rate of return for your nominated term, so you know exactly what your investment’s worth.


However, although this is the core range offered, it’s worth noting that the bank’s personalised approach allows for maximum flexibility – allowing you to tailor a package or account that perfectly matches your needs. 

As well as the option to bank in a range of currencies (USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and CHF), the bank requires a nominal opening balance of just $1,000 when opening either a demand deposit or savings account. 

And finally, despite Caye International Bank offering a range of non-traditional services – such as gold loan programmes – their approach to customer services seeks to match and exceed that of big international banks with financially trained, multilingual support on-hand. 

In addition to a secure online banking platform, this means that you can always keep track of your finances, manage your investments, and seek help when you need it. 

Basically, you can take advantage of all the services you’d expect from a large traditional bank – with all the advantages of going offshore. 


How to Get Started 

As much as we can explain the different services offered and the advantages provided by each, your finances are of course specific to you – with each of us having our own financial situations, desires, and requirements. 

So, to get started, simply fill out the contact form at the link below with your individual needs and someone from the team will be back in touch with you to answer any questions and discuss the solutions available to you. 

Your offshore journey starts here.

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