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Motorcycling Across Europe? Be Prepared!

Motorcycling Across Europe? Be Prepared!

If you are a biking enthusiast with a passion for traveling, why not mix them both and go on a solo adventure across Europe? While motorcycling from one country to another might not be as convenient as taking flight or driving, it will certainly be the type of experience that will bring you immense excitement and unique memories. However, you are probably well aware already that this sort of trip is not exactly for just anybody, so you need to do your research and make sure you have what it takes to go through each destination on your list. To make things easier for you, and to lower the number of potential inconveniences that could arise throughout your long-term getaway, receiving a few pointers is recommended. Here are the preparation tips you need to know about prior to your two-wheel adventure:


Packing – keep it to minimal

You will need to quite a few things for such a long travel, but you also know that there’s not much room for luggage on a motorcycle. So, when you are trying to pack, you will probably need to leave behind almost half of the things you were planning to take with you. Don’t bring too many changes of clothes, you will find plenty of laundromats where you can wash the items you have, so you won’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes. Make a list of other essentials to bring along, such as a first aid kit, gloves, Bluetooth headset, tool kit, and a few other things that you believe might come in handy. Also, because your storage capacity is limited, make sure to watch a few step-by-step tutorials on organization and packing – it will help you make the most out of the storage space you have available. Traveling by motorcycle is about fun and adventure, so don’t let it be ruined by the desire of carrying too much stuff.

Look the part!

You are a passionate biker who wants to explore the hidden gems of Europe and discover what each destination hast best to offer. You won’t be able to get that much stuff with you, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on that authentic motorcycle fashion, which is part of your entire biker persona. Besides the regular leather outfit and boots, accessorizing can matter as well. Fashion experts at Bikerringshop present you with some unique accessories that will give you the chance to let fellow bikers whom you may meet on the road know you are an authentic, passionate motorcycle rider.  Also, make sure all of the clothing and accessories you wear are of top quality, so they provide you with the comfort, protection, and style you desire. The wrong leather jacket or a low-quality pair of boots could put you in an unpleasant situation when you expect least. If you haven’t invested in a proper biker attire by now, this is certainly the time to do so.

Motorcycling across Europe - go prepared 3Motorcycle riding itinerary

Although you might just want to choose when you hit the road from one location to the other while you are already there, being a bit organized with your itinerary is advised. While you can be flexible regarding dates and hours, the ultimate tip when traveling by motorcycle is to ride mainly during the daytime. As cautious as you might be, traveling at night is riskier than you can imagine, and because those roads will be new to you, you might not know what problems you might stumble upon. You probably don’t want being stuck in the middle of nowhere in the dark because something broke down, with houses, gas stations or people around. It’s far safer to simply go on the road during daylight – you know that motorcycles are far less safe than your usual vehicle, so why take the risk?


Do your research!

Because you will need to prep your wheels for exactly the type of road you will be riding on, it’s recommended to do your research before hopping on your bike and setting off to your next destination. Without adjusting your motorcycle to suit the poorly paved or unpaved roads, you might have it difficult to reach your next stop on time, and could also be subjected to a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Ask around, or look online for info on the topic.


Don’t forget to bring a map!

Yes, you might have all the road indications and guidelines you need on your smartphone, but you never know when you might unexpectedly run out of batter, or simply reach a region where the signal doesn’t allow you to access the internet, so be old-school for once and bring a map with you. You’ll see for yourself that it will come in handy when you least expect it.

Motorcycling across Europe - go preparedGet everything in order!

Because you might not know when exactly you’ll be returning, getting your affairs in-check will be necessary. That means letting your family know you are preparing for a long-term travel, paying your rent in advance, paying off all your bills, get insurance, get vaccinations if required and the list can go on. Think about every single detail that should be taken care of at home, just so you won’t be forced to cut your trip short because you have overlooked an important responsibility. With everything in order at home, you can go on your solo adventure with peace of mind.

Riding your bike across the most popular destinations in Europe will most definitely be the type of life-changing experience you have always desired to pursue. You will return home with more memories than you can imagine, with your batteries fully charge, more friends and an entirely different mood and state of mind. However, to not let minor inconvenience affect you, or lack of preparation prevent you from having a good time, informing yourself on the matter for a bit is recommended. The guidelines mentioned above will give you the chance to embrace this experience entirely, and start off on the right foot, so make sure to keep them in mind.  

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