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Diversifying Your Assets With Land Banking

Diversifying Your Assets With Land Banking

Put anything in the bank lately?  Me, neither.

It’s probably a universal trait among humans—to want to put something aside to protect one’s family “if something happens.” But banking interest rates in the U.S. and Europe are so low now. Your sock under the mattress will get almost the same results!

Our parents and grandparents made bank deposits in good faith. They felt they could “bank on” that interest-generating sum “just in case.” It gave them a good feeling and confidence to face any crisis in the future.

We don’t have that luxury today. Unfortunately, the worst case scenario arrived with the recent economic downturns worldwide and in the U.S.—and we are all still reeling from the effects.

Here’s an option for investment consideration. Buy land. Put your money into the ground and let Mother Earth nurture your investment.

Everyday, I see this increasing trend to buy land domestically and abroad. Your market investment can disappear at a moment’s notice. But land remains. Mother Earth rules!

I call this trend “land banking.” There’s a formal definition but I use the phrase casually. You put your money into land and you are banking on it for the future! This is nothing new—but today it has renewed relevance.

You can develop that land or let it sit. It’s yours and will be there no matter what.

The name of the game in 2013 is low risk investment diversity. It’s time to go global and explore what’s out there – to better protect your assets. Folks like us have the opportunity to buy desirable, affordable, low risk land in emerging economies of the world.

Why would we?  In America, we are told the economy is recovering. But to what degree remains unknown.  Not all economic indicators paint a rosy picture of the future. A large percentage of jobs being created are low paying service jobs. The national debt continues to grow and suddenly, and large layoffs at major corporations are once again in the news. The markets are a roller coaster ride on any given day.

Basically they’re telling us to keep our fingers crossed and rabbit’s foot a’dangling for good luck!

In EU countries – the same scenario.  The only thing those in the U.S. and EU can count on for sure are increased taxes.  And more taxes – all while benefits, pensions and services are cut back.  The screams of protest can be heard around the world.

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I urge everyone wherever you reside to BECOME FINANCIALLY INFORMED. Stay attuned to global shifts. Use that internet—research what’s happening where you live and in world markets and how that affects you. Let your kids in on the process so they can be better prepared for their financial futures. It’s a priceless education.

Folks like you and me now have access to desirable, affordable land abroad—as a result of newly emerging economies. It’s a brave new world out there with new opportunities. Take a look-see. But if you decide to invest offshore, do yourself a favor and consult with a Worldwide Buyers Agent*. They specialize in real estate abroad. They know where the good, low risk deals are. They can ensure that you obtain secure legal title to your land.

I recently was speaking to a large group of Canadians about this topic. Having family from Saskatchewan, I love to help these folks!

With that said, “banking on land” is a financial tool to help diversify and protect your family’s assets. You can expand and strengthen your financial horizons with land banking. And maybe start to get a good night’s sleep again!

I hope you enjoyed reading: Diversifying Your Assets With Land Banking. If you have any questions, you can reach our office HERE.  I also would like to share some great articles with you! 

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