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Currently, the world’s eyes are on Asia. Japan is full of business opportunities due to its strong ties with this rapidly developing region.

In Asia, Japan is (1) the best country to create innovation and (2) a country with the best business and living environments in terms of safety, medical services, etc.

As well as being one of the world’s largest economies, Japan is attracting attention as (3) a country with “soft power,” which sets trends for fashions and entertainment content in Asia.

Japan offers foreign companies these three windows of opportunity: (1) Innovation Hub, (2) Business Platform and (3) Trendsetter. Through its networks in and outside Japan, JETRO supports many foreign companies to expand their business through investing in Japan.


(1) Innovation Hub

Japan boasts large numbers of leading global companies and SMEs with proprietary technologies which support global firms. Japanese firms rank high for the number of international patent applications (PCT applications).


Japan comes top for the number of environment-related patent application publications.


With their high level technologies and R&D capabilities, Japanese firms create diverse added-values and intellectual properties.


(2) Business Platform

Japan plays an important role as a “bridge nation” connecting Asia and the world which contributes to Asia’s growth.


Japan has some of the best infrastructure in terms of advanced infrastructure (ICT infrastructure) as well as basic infrastructure (electricity, gas and water).

Japan promises a safe, secure and comfortable living environment.


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(3) Trendsetter

Japan is one of the world’s largest economies. The economic size of each region within Japan can be compared to one country’s economy.


Japan offers a market for test marketing before entering Asian markets. It is also a country with “soft power,” which sets trends

Sectors with large growth potential exist including health and tourism markets.



To facilitate investment in Japan, the government offers appealing incentives, as well as operating single contact points in relevant ministries and agencies for inquires/support regarding doing business in Japan. The offices are also located in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), its regional bureaus and in the Department of Economy, Trade and Industry within the Okinawa General Bureau.


The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) is a government-related organization promoting mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. As one of our activities, we offer foreign investors with abundant information on all aspects of doing business in Japan, by providing expert consultation and offering free temporary office space in major business areas across the country.

JETRO provides foreign investors with abundant information on all aspects of doing business in Japan – and also offering expert consultation and even free temporary office space throughout the country


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