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How to Travel with Kids in Costa Rica

Most parents have traveled with kids and know their own kids best. What you might not know is the country you plan on visiting with your kids.  Planning a Costa Rica Family Vacation  needs to take into account all the basic necessities kids need to make a vacation kid-friendly along with a few other ideas you might not be thinking of.

1.) Long Car Rides in Costa Rica – These can be difficult for kids in any country but in Costa Rica many of the roads are bumpy, curvy, and change elevation quite often. Kids can get car sick and the constant elevation can also play its toll. A private tour works best and know places to stop to break up the drive is also nice. Very important is do not try and jam all the spots into a one week vacation. Costa Rica looks small but it is very mountainous terrain.

2.) Jump Out of the Raft – A Costa Rica trip can be filled with some great adventures from ziplining or maybe whitewater rafting. If the guide says things are safe let the kid be a kid. Chances are they have been waiting for the adventure parts of the trip and encourage them to get out into the water and get immersed in the natural wonders around.

3.) Don’t do Full Days – The humidity, sun, and the adrenaline from acitivities in Costa Rica have it’s toll on kids. You will notice you and your children can get drained pretty quick in Costa Rica. At 9 degrees above the equator the sun is intense and the kids experience some excitement on the zipline – that will leave them ready for a nap by 3pm. Costa Rica is common for the 3pm coffee but maybe your fam would do better with a 3pm nap.

4.) Get Creative – Costa Rica has so much to do and so many talented guides that can make it a very educational experience. Encourage your kids to learn about the different animals and natural wonders of Costa Rica. Make games to play like “I Spy” or “Nature Bingo” allowing the kids to have games that will bring their attention to nature and make them more aware. Offer prizes for the winners.

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