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How the Baltics Stole the Heart of One of Our Readers

It’s no secret 2020 and 2021 have been challenging years. The question is, what have you done with your time? One of our readers, Mat, took the time to explore countries where he is considering residency.

Mat is happy to share his findings with us. Read on for Mat’s story…

I’m a Brazilian entrepreneur, a “part-time” nomad/traveler and, when I am not traveling, I’m based in Dubai. I’m originally from Rio but left Brazil back in 2017 for a one-year trip with a group of people under the Remote Year program for nomads. After that, I continued my adventures on my own.

I’m now 46, but since a young age, I had the desire to go and explore the world but didn’t have the financial means. Thanks to working on my main business (premium Internet domain name sales) and other successful investments, I can now pursue a travel lifestyle.

The idea of investing in properties was a common desire from my “full time” nomad friend Paul and me. We invited three other “normal” friends and started brewing the idea of creating a company for the sole purpose of investing together. That’s how we met Joel Nagel and Michael Cobb last year, and they helped us with the legal stuff.

We’re still doing our research and are in no hurry to make our first purchase.

Our initial focus was to purchase something in Central America or Playa del Carmen (Mexico), but now we have expanded the research to Europe. I spent the summer in the Baltics, where I fell in love with places like the village of Nida (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia).

I’m in Nida, on the coast of Lithuania, checking out some properties. Nida is part of a larger UNESCO World Heritage site, and nothing gets built on new land. There are very few offers currently; right now, only two new projects are under development which were built on top of demolished Soviet-era buildings.

Nida is a “cool” area for wealthy Lithuanians. It’s very exclusive and the fact that you need to take a ferry and pay 30€ per car for entering the national park makes it less accessible for regular people.

It also has a small airstrip for private planes.

A single ambient apartment with a bathroom, around 40m2, for roughly $200k.

A more luxurious condo with 2 bedrooms, balcony, around 100m2, $1M.

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There’s something about a 20% discount if you buy through a company registered on VAT which I’m trying to figure out.

The high season is summer with 3-4 months of 100% occupancy rate. Some people book summer in Nida 1 or 2 years in advance. In Spring and Fall, people come for long weekends. Winters are low season.

You may have heard that recently Belarus is pushing some issues in Lithuania. The issue with Belarus is far, far away from here. Zero impact.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Mat! Stay tuned to Escape Artist for more updates on the Baltics with boots-on-the-ground.

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