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How to get your IRA out of the United States in 2018

Americans from all shades of the political spectrum are concerned about how politics and business are being conducted in the United States. As a result, interest in moving IRAs and retirement accounts offshore has increased dramatically in the last few months. Here’s everything you need to know to get your IRA out of the United States in 2018.

Politics and economics are now so intertwined that one news report can push the stock market down 350 points. For example, ABC chief correspondent Brian Ross falsely reported former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was prepared to testify about Trump campaign collusion with Russia, which sent the stock market into a dive on December 2, 2017.

President Trump tweeted that “People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of @ABC News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused — many millions of dollars!”

This war between the President and the mainstream news media has made our booming economy fragile. I believe that we should be hedging our bets by moving some of our assets out of the United States, which is why I wrote this post on how to get your IRA out of the United States in 2018.

Maybe Trump will be vindicated and the fake news outlets vanquished. Maybe Muller will get Flynn to flip and testify against our President. I don’t know what will happen, but I do know that there is great risk in the current climate.

Even the most ardent never Trumper must see the risk to the stock market should Trump fall. No matter your political views, you must do something now to protect your assets and hedge your investment risk by moving some capital out of the United States.

For many of us, our IRA or retirement account is our most “portable” cash pile. We might have more equity in our homes, but it’s tough to convert that to cash and move it abroad. Thus, an IRA is just about always the best asset to move out of the United States.

An IRA is “portable” once it’s vested. An account is vested when you retire or change jobs. That is to say, most vested accounts are from previous employers.

It’s possible for an IRA with your current employer to have partially vested. If you’ve been with the same company for many years, you might as your HR department if you can move any of your account to another custodian.

It’s also possible for certain Defined Benefit plans to be moved offshore. Some DB plans can be converted into IRAs and then transferred out of the United States. Every plan is different, so you’ll need to ask your administrator if you can convert your DB to an IRA.

Once you’ve determined which accounts have vested, here’s how to get your IRA out of the United States in 2018.

The first step in moving your IRA out of the United States is to change custodians. Most custodians make money selling investment opportunities. When you take control over your IRA, they no longer make a commission, so most custodians don’t allow you to move your IRA.

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A few US custodians allow you to manage your own account, allow you to move your IRA out of the United States, and don’t charge any fees or commissions on your investments. These custodians charge a flat annual fee of about $300 per account, but don’t get involved in your investments.

Once your IRA is with a friendly custodian, we can help you move that account offshore. We can form an Offshore IRA LLC in a tax free and protected jurisdiction. This Limited Liability Company will be owned by your retirement account and you will be installed as the manager of this company. Your custodian will have no control over the LLC or it’s bank accounts.

As hinted at above, your offshore IRA LLC will open a bank account at a quality international bank. The custodian will transfer your retirement savings to this bank and you’ll be the signor on the account. From here, you can make whatever investments you like.

  • In most cases, you must move cash offshore. Very few custodians allow “like-kind” transfers out of the United States.

As the investment advisor of the account, you must always act in the best interest of your IRA. You can’t borrow from the account, can’t personally benefit from the investments, can’t buy a house and live in it, etc. Even after your IRA is out of the United States, you must still follow all US tax and retirement account rules.Consumer Resource Guide

But, within those guidelines, you can invest in just about anything you like. For example, the most popular offshore IRA today is the crypto IRA. Many are moving their accounts out of the United States and investing in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and Initial coin offerings. For more on this, see: Take your IRA offshore to invest in ICOs and Bitcoin.

Of course you can place your retirement in more conservative investments. For example, most forms of gold and international rental real estate are popular. You can’t buy a home and live in it, but you can buy a rental property in any country.

If you do buy a rental, you can move in once you retire. You would distribute the property out of your IRA, pay the tax, and then the home is free and clear. So, you can rent it to unrelated parties (not to yourself) while it’s in your IRA and live in it after it comes out of your IRA.

I hope you’ve found this article on how to get your IRA out of the United States in 2018 to be helpful. For an introduction of a friendly custodian and help in forming an offshore IRA LLC, please contact us at info@premieroffshore.com or call us at (619) 719-0863. All consultations are free and confidential.


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