facebook Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Trip to Mexico City

Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Trip to Mexico City

Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Trip to Mexico City

Mexico City is a place that has something to offer any traveler. There is crazy nightlife, fine dining, beautiful gardens and parks, magnificent architecture (both modern and old), and great shopping opportunities to explore and admire. All of it is spiced up by a vibrant exotic culture that has a special charm of its own. However, a trip to Mexico City is also a challenge, because it can be risky, and choosing the best places to visit requires some expertise. To ensure your safety and pleasant experience during this adventure, you need to plan thoroughly and create your itinerary relying on trustworthy services.


Sources to Check Before Your Trip to Mexico City

Before you even start preparing for this trip, be sure to check two websites developed specifically for tourists traveling to Mexico City:

They offer safety tips, explain some cultural rules, and provide lists of the most popular tourist attractions. Note that both sources are available in Spanish only and can be biased in the favor of some local businesses. Therefore, you should also check the traveler’s safety tips provided by the relevant sources in your own country. Studying popular traveler forums, like TripAdvisor, will also help.


Tourist Services to Use

Depending on the kind of adventure you seek, you can contact these reliable services:

  • Maisha is a company that organizes different kinds of active recreation. You should contact them if you want to add some parachuting, surfing, climbing, kayaking, or other similar activities to your adventure.
  • Strawberry Tours is a service providing free walking tours in Mexico City. There are several standard tours that’ll allow you to see all the most popular attractions. You can also order a custom tour, which will be handy when traveling with a group.
  • Viator is where you go to find tours that will take you outside of Mexico City. There are also options available for exploring the city’s many landmarks. These tours have professional guides but they aren’t free. Viator features offers from many travel agents, so here you can find all kinds of activities, including cruises, helicopter, and even balloon tours.


Taxi Services to Use in Mexico City

The number-one safety rule for a trip to Mexico City is to never use an unregistered taxi. You’ll be able to identify those easily as registered and licensed cabs are painted white and pink and have a license plate registration number starting with “B”. These taxis should also clearly display license info of their company and the driver’s license with a clear shot of their face.

Make it a point to check these things every time you get into a taxi, even if you called a reliable service. You should also keep an eye on the meter.

Note that there are about 250,000 registered taxis in Mexico City. This seems like a lot, before you remember that this metropolitan area is a home to over 26 million people. Taxi fraud is very common and cases of assaults and robberies aren’t all that infrequent, so be extra vigilant.

Reliable taxi services in Mexico City are:

Mexico City Uber reviews are quite positive as well, so you can try this service if you prefer it.


Where to Eat in Mexico City

One of the most difficult problems you’ll encounter during a trip to Mexico City is how to ensure your clothes still fit you by the end of it. There’s food everywhere and it smells divine. Mexican cuisine isn’t light on the calories, but it’s definitely good for the soul, as something that tasty simply cannot be bad for you, right?

Dining in Mexico City is never a challenge. However, you’ll have a hard time picking where to go. Some must-visit places are:

  • Café de Tacuba.
    It’s a 100+ year old café in the historic center of the city. The atmosphere here is unique and perfect for the day when you decide to explore Mexico City history.
  • Pasteleria Madrid.
    Although not a restaurant, this bakery is incredible. Your life wouldn’t be the same after trying their pastries that range from traditional Mexican to delicate French.
  • Pujol.
    A modern Mexican gourmet restaurant.
  • Churreria El Moro.
    It’s a place to enjoy traditional and creative snacks and the best hot chocolate in the entire Mexico City.

Check out addresses of various embassies located in Mexico City and other important contacts on WikiTravel. However, it’ll be best to double-check the info for your embassy directly through your local government websites.

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