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Escape the Office: Co-Living in Europe

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Are you sick of the monotony of working in an office? Do you have a remote job and want to take advantage of your freedom?

Digital nomads are a breed of millennial that are taking advantage of remote work to explore the world. Young artists, social media influencers, and freelancers are breaking free from the traditional office jobs and turning the entire world into their office. With the freedom of a remote job, your physical location can change at the bat of an eye. All you really need to make a living is a laptop and an internet connection.

Digital nomads are finding new homes in Bucharest, Bangkok, Budapest, and many other affordable cities all over the world. They are only limited by their monthly budget and the speed of an internet connection.

This new kind of work has introduced a rapid growth of coworking spaces around the world, where these young influencers can work in a community of like-minded people. With this coworking lifestyle, many digital nomads have adapted to co-living, a style of living not far different from living in a college dorm. In co-living spaces you can find common areas, shared kitchens, and more.

Not only do these co-living spaces offer an affordable lifestyle, many also appreciate the sense of community found within the walls of these homes. Many hold events, community service projects, and more that benefit the living community and the local community surrounding the space. Though this idea isn’t new, the millennial generation that values openness, collaboration, and social networking have really embraced it.

Many young travelers are finding this short-term, affordable, and sustainable lifestyle to be the perfect match for their nomadic goals. Living and working among like-minded people increases productivity and creativity and allows habitants to learn from others.

Europe is one of the most popular choices for co-living. The continent is easy and cheap to travel in, so you can get around seamlessly and there is an abundance of co-living and coworking spaces.  Let’s take a look into some of the co-living spaces that Europe has to offer.


This countryside co-living house in Serbia looks like it’s straight from the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The architecture is urban while the surrounding area is quite rural, making for an interesting atmosphere for the community of international, independent professionals.

Mokrin house opened last year and has hosted guests from more than 25 countries worldwide. The house also hosts events for both the internal house community and the surrounding community in hopes to create the first global village where people can focus on work and get away from the urban lifestyle.


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This stone house is located in rural Galicia, Spain. Sende was founded in 2013, looking for people who seek peace of mind in the mountains that surround the stone village. The village houses 20 like-minded individuals and fuels them with good company, good food, and a supportive ambience. While visiting, you can enjoy hiking, biking, retreats, and even camping.

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Sun and Co.

This  co-living space is completely about sun, surf, beautiful sunsets, and amazing weather. Sun and Co. is proud to be the first coliving and coworking community in the entire Mediterranean Coast. The two co-founders see the importance of positive vibes and combine laughter and leisure with work in the 19th-century house located in the center of the historic seaside Spanish town of Jávea.

Sun and Co. will gladly host those looking to do their own freelance work and is even a great venue for an offsite company retreat.

Alpine Coworking and Bansko CoworkingConsumer Resource Guide

If the sun and sunsets aren’t your thing, or you just want spend a month on the slopes without your work suffering, check out these great spaces. Alpine is located in Switzerland and Bansko is located in Bulgaria. Both are just minutes from the ski slopes and offer cozy coworking spaces paired with winter sports fun.


In a historic German town of Brandenburg, about 43 miles southwest of Berlin, sits this countryside work and living space. Habitants are inspired by the countryside with workspaces and old wooden desks, trees, and even some huge swings. Take breaks from work by walking through the woods with your new friends or picking wild berries.

Casa Netural

In the UNESCO town of Matera, Italy, sits the affordable co-living destination that has the beauty to inspire your dreams. When you’re not coworking with other freelancers and artists, spend your free time exploring the diverse landscape of Southern Italy like Sassi di Matera, a series of ancient cave dwellings.

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