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Escape Artist Insiders: Inside September 2023’s Presidents’ Week Edition

Escape Artist Insiders: Inside September 2023’s President’s Week Edition

Welcome to the September 2023 “Presidents’ Week Edition” of Escape Artist Insiders Magazine, a special edition focused on Migration, Asset Protection, and Alternative Investments. This month, we’ve curated a compelling array of articles designed to challenge your perspectives and provide actionable insights for enriching your life.

We kick things off with an exploration of the intricate world of Belize’s financial services sector with Joel M. Nagel’s “Welcome Home Part 2,” which examines the sector’s resilience amidst international regulations like FATCA. Michael K. Cobb’s “The Cash Out Crisis and Coming Crash” confronts the unsettling financial future as baby boomers prepare to liquidate trillions in assets.

In this edition, we’re also thrilled to introduce Tulsi Gabbard, our Presidents’ Week Keynote Speaker, who brings a unique blend of military and political experience to the table. Meanwhile, Charlotte Tweed’s “A World Gone Mad” switches gears and offers an intimate look at American expat life in Nicaragua, providing a comprehensive view of the challenges and rewards of seeking a simpler life abroad.

And don’t overlook Jack Lannom’s insightful article, “The Economics of Developing Humility in the Workplace,” which offers a 12-step action plan for leaders aiming to cultivate a culture of humility and cooperation.

Now, let’s dive into the highlights of these and other stories in the September 2023 edition. And don’t forget to check out a list of additional captivating articles at the end of this article. Trust us, you won’t want to miss what we’ve prepared for you in this special edition.

Welcome Home Part 2 – by Joel M. Nagel, Esquire

Welcome Home Part 2 – by Joel M. Nagel, Esquire

In “Welcome Home – Part 2,” Joel M. Nagel, Esquire, takes you on an intricate journey through the highs and lows of Belize’s financial services sector. With a keen eye for detail, Nagel chronicles how Belize transformed from a promising offshore financial center into a sector under siege by international regulations like FATCA.

The feature provides an unvarnished look at the challenges faced by Belizean banks, from losing correspondent banking relationships to navigating the murky waters of global compliance. Nagel doesn’t stop at outlining the problems; he also highlights the sector’s resilience and recovery.

The article examines the crucial role played by political figures, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in mitigating the impact of de-risking policies. It’s a compelling narrative that combines policy analysis, firsthand accounts, and a look at the future of Belize’s financial landscape.

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The Cash Out Crisis and Coming Crash – by Michael K. Cobb


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The United States is facing an impending financial storm, and Michael K. Cobb’s “The Cash Out Crisis and Coming Crash” confronts the looming question: What happens when baby boomers liquidate trillions in assets to fund their retirements? Cobb dissects the unsettling silence surrounding this inevitable shift, questioning Wall Street’s reticence, and examining the role of central banks in artificially inflating asset values.

With a staggering $78 trillion expected to change hands, the article scrutinizes the potential fallout on global markets, especially when younger generations lack the financial muscle to absorb these “soft assets.” Cobb also delves into the role of Quantitative Easing, a strategy that has pumped $25 trillion into global markets, questioning its long-term sustainability and impact on asset inflation.

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Introducing Tulsi Gabbard, Presidents’ Week Keynote Speaker

Introducing Tulsi Gabbard, President’s Week Keynote Speaker

In this edition, we introduce Tulsi Gabbard, the Presidents’ Week Keynote Speaker, whose life story is as compelling as her political journey. A four-term Congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate, Gabbard is no stranger to the complexities of governance and the harsh realities of war. With three deployments to the Middle East and Africa, she serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, bringing a unique perspective to the political arena.

From her early days in the Hawaii State House of Representatives to her tenure in the U.S. Senate as a legislative aide, Gabbard has consistently put country before party. Her commitment to the safety, security, and freedom of the American people has earned her accolades, including the Resilience Award by the Independent Women’s Forum and the title of Patriot of the Year by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

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A World Gone Mad – by Charlotte Tweed

A World Gone Mad - by Charlotte Tweed

“A World Gone Mad” by Charlotte Tweed offers an intimate look at the life of American expat Todd Greenawald, who traded the snows of Pennsylvania for the sun-soaked beaches of Nicaragua. In a candid conversation, Todd shares how the current global upheaval prompted him to seek a simpler, more fulfilling life abroad. From the complexities of becoming a resident to the cultural adjustments required, the article provides a comprehensive view of expat life in Nicaragua.

Todd’s journey reveals the transformative power of change, even when it’s thrust upon us. He discusses the pros and cons of his new life, from the welcoming local community to the challenges of navigating a new legal system and language. For those contemplating a similar move, Todd’s insights serve as both a cautionary tale and an inspiring example of how to adapt and thrive in a world in flux.

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The Economics of Developing Humility in the Workplace – By Jack Lannom

The Economics of Developing Humility in the Workplace - By Jack Lannom

“The Economics of Developing Humility in the Workplace” by Jack Lannom looks at an often-overlooked aspect of business success: humility. Lannom argues that humility isn’t just a moral virtue but a crucial economic factor that can make or break a company. Drawing on extensive research and case studies, the article explores how hubris has led to the downfall of once-thriving organizations and CEOs. It also quantifies the cost of ego, suggesting that hubris can wipe out a significant percentage of a company’s annual revenue.

The article doesn’t just diagnose the problem; it offers a 12-step action plan for leaders to cultivate humility within their organizations. Lannom points out that humility fosters a culture of cooperation, innovation, and long-term growth. He cites the example of Nurse Next Door, a Canadian firm that turned humility into a business strategy, saving about $100,000 in sales by spending just $1,500 on “humble pies” for customers when mistakes were made.

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Intentional Living: How to Get Started Living Your Best Life – By Tracy Giffith

Intentional Living: How to Get Started Living Your Best Life - By Tracy Giffith

“Intentional Living: How to Get Started Living Your Best Life” by Tracy Griffith is a comprehensive guide to reclaiming control over your life by making conscious choices that align with your values and long-term goals. Griffith breaks down the concept of intentional living into actionable steps, from self-reflection and decluttering to setting SMART goals and embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. The article also emphasizes the importance of mindful decision-making and gratitude, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

Griffith goes beyond the usual self-help advice by incorporating medical self-care and even medical tourism as facets of intentional living. She argues that taking proactive steps in healthcare is not just a necessity but a form of self-love and a deliberate investment in your overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to simplify your life, focus on your health, or set and achieve meaningful goals, this article serves as a roadmap to living intentionally and creating a life that truly resonates with you.

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More stories to explore.

In addition to these stories, the September 2023 Edition of Escape Artist Insiders magazine offers much more.

Check out some of the other stories and features in this month’s edition below:

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