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Cyprus Travel Guide for Expats

Cyprus Travel Guide for Expats.

Moving to a new country can be exciting as well as stressful. After all, it is not an easy decision to emigrate. It is indeed an excellent choice to move to Cyprus since it has a lot to offer and provides a great intercultural experience. As the neighbour of the Levantine countries, Cyprus’ location lends itself to the multi-faceted culture it has absorbed over the years from the Greek and Turkish territories. If you’re considering a move abroad to Cyprus, then you have come across a perfect location – whether you are moving here permanently or are visiting temporarily. Below is a brief travel guide for expats in Cyprus.


Moving About and Airport Transfers

Take advantage of Cyprus airport transfers for all your moving needs. You can quickly make a pre-booked transfer based on your schedule and needs. You can be sure of getting the best deals as well as the most comfortable rides. We can secure the best quotes as we are managing a high volume of total transfers. It is easy to travel from one point to another because of the small size of the country. It makes sense to rent or buy a car, as public transportation is mediocre here. Cyprus is too hot to walk during the summertime. Also, keep in mind that you drive on the left-hand side of the road.


Finding Your New Home

Cyprus is warm and welcoming to expats. The country offers a unique Mediterranean experience. As the northern part has seen slower development, the cost of living is considerably lower. Hence, it is a more viable option for people moving to Cyprus. There are many options available when looking for a new home abroad in Cyprus. Just keep your requirements and define your budget when buying a property in Cyprus.


Living Costs and Adjustments

It is cheaper to live in Cyprus when compared to many other European countries. The costs can go as low as 50% when you camper to European countries. Local fruit and vegetables are cheap, and the property expenses are significantly lower in Cyprus. Be ready for some adjustments as the locals prove challenging to work with because of the struggling economy and skepticism among the locals. Still, the Cypriot people are often open and welcoming to newcomers. Remember that the country has a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs. However, the island is recovering from the financial and economic crisis of previous years and is now enjoying steady economic growth.


Language and Currency

Greek is the most widely spoken language while many locals understand English.  Signs and English can help one manage among the locals and getting around Cyprus. As it is a tourist country, one will also come across some people speaking in Russian. It is a good idea to learn a few words and phrases in basic Greek before arriving. Be cautious of the fake euro banknotes as you could be convicted and imprisoned. The euro replaced Cyprus pound. However, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Turkish lira as the official currency.

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Living and Working in Cyprus

Expats living in Cyprus enjoy their life because of the rich culture and pleasant climate. It is a lifetime experience because of the diverse population and culture of the country. The island is opening up to international businesses, and the government is actively promoting the island as a gateway to Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many multinational corporations are already finding their feet here. Cyprus boasts of a highly skilled and educated workforce. The island has lately been gathering a lot of popularity as an expat destination. Here, you will come across people from all over the globe.


Food and Entertainment

Cypriots are passionate when it comes to food and entertainment. Here you will find a fusion of cultural flavours, and the traditional foods are strongly linked to Greece and Turkey. You can easily find slow roasts, kebabs, stews and assorted appetizers of every kind.


Exploring Cyprus

Take advantage of the various monuments and ancient monasteries in Cyprus. Drive through the mountains, trek through the winding forests, or laze on those beautiful beaches. Explore the unique and quaint villages and towns here that boast of ancient architecture. Gaze at those boundlessly stretching orchards and vineyards. The amount of history and archaeological sites dating all the way to the 4th-century BC. There are plenty of ancient palaces, fortresses, and tombs that enjoy the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cyprus is a tiny country with vast treasures!

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