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9 Reasons You Need An Offshore Bank Account

How Does Offshore Banking Fare In The Legal World?

You currently don’t own an offshore bank account, which is why you’re here. Is it because you think offshore bank accounts are only for the rich with millions or billions lying around? Or is it because you’re concerned about their legality and think only criminals have one? Whatever the reason, it’s never too late to look for the right answers! So, let’s dive in.

FeedomWhat Are Offshore Bank Accounts?

Evident from the name, an offshore bank account is an account set up in a country other than that of your residence. The banks that offer offshore banking operate under international banking laws and offer less regulation and increased privacy, compared to bank accounts established inside the United States.

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What About The Legal Status?

It is 100% legal to open an offshore bank account.

Due to their lenient regulations and policies, offshore banking is often associated with illegal or criminal activity but that’s a huge misconception. It’s true that offshore banking has a history of being used for hiding undeclared income or tax evasion but there’s nothing illegal about opening an offshore bank account. The account is simply for your protection, on both individual and business levels and helps you diversify the risks legally by safeguarding liquid cash in a well-capitalized institution.

As for the money laundering, high-level corruption and tax evasion, international banking has made serious changes to its regulations over the past two decades to actively combat financial terrorism and make individuals more compliant with legal requirements of their country of residence.

Why Do You Need An Offshore Bank Account?

In the simplest terms, offshore banking helps you improve your financial bottom line and is quite different from your local bank account.

Here Are 9 Reasons Why You Should Apply For Opening An Offshore Bank Account.

1. Minimized Political Risk

While most business owners only consider market and financial risks, risks from your own government can be equally damaging to a company in fiscal terms. The same goes for individuals whose savings can be at risk due to government intervention and changing economic conditions. Bank deposit taxes, capital controls, bail-ins and retirement savings nationalizations are just a few threats among many to your money in a local bank account.

Then, there’s the issue of governments using the money for a bail-out—from accounts with a certain amount—to better manage a financial crisis, which can confiscate or freeze your savings completely or partly, preventing access to liquid cash. With an offshore account, you can protect yourself from all this mess in your home country.

2. Stable Banking System

Compared to banking in the United States, international banking offers a fundamentally sound banking system. From being unable to meet high withdrawal requests to bankruptcy risks, your local bank can hinder access to your own money and may even use your deposits for risky investments following a more conservative system.

3. Strengthened Asset Protection

The US is quite a litigation-happy country; millions of lawsuits are filed every year and most revolve around money. So, if you think that your business is protected and isn’t prone to get sued, you’re wrong. 

For every suit filed against you, your assets are at risk and while offshore banks don’t offer a hundred percent asset protection, they better protect them by making it hard to access for authorities looking to freeze or take away your assets.

Similarly, if the government seizes your assets due to any number of reasons, you can use offshore assets, since they don’t fall under the US jurisdiction.

4. Currency Diversification

This is especially useful for companies that regularly conduct business in the country where the offshore account is established. Not to mention, foreign currency is vital for purchasing power and for diversifying unavoidable risks.

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5. High Deposit Interests

If you compare local banks to international ones, you’ll notice that offshore banking offers higher interest on your savings. Low-interest rates are hardly ever beneficial, especially when it comes to keeping pace with inflation. 

6. Instant Access To Funds 

There can be a number of reasons for you to seek medical treatment in a country outside the US. In that scenario, you’ll need access to instant cash or asked to transfer money abroad. With capital controls imposed, this can literally be the difference between life and death if you’re unable to transfer the funds and therefore are denied medical care.

An offshore bank account ensures that this doesn’t happen; no matter where you are, you’re able to access as much capital as you want. 

This is not just limited to medical care, it is beneficial if you’re simply traveling or making large purchases abroad.

7. Better Privacy

If you hold an offshore bank account, legally you’re required to declare your account by filing a “Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR)”. This only applies if you have an aggregate $10,000 or more in your one or more offshore bank accounts. If the aggregate falls below $10,000 you can maintain your privacy and do not have to declare to the US government.

8. Maximized Personal Freedom

Banks have a lot of power over how businesses are run financially or how an individual spends their money. With an offshore bank account, you can live your life outside the shadows, without the fear of the local government’s or bank’s interference.

Compare insurance9. Buy Foreign Property

Holding a bank account in a country is often a requirement if you plan on buying property in said country. Even if you want to rent a property, a bank account may be necessary, which is why a foreign bank account can help you enjoy perks that you otherwise can’t.

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Concluding Thoughts

Offshore banking among US citizens is becoming increasingly popular. The ongoing trade war and economic instability have made it even more attractive but before you go ahead and establish an offshore bank account, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations set by Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) and how you can enjoy the benefits of an offshore account while being FATCA-compliant.

It’s also important to know that offshore bank accounts overall offer much more than a local bank account even when you’re not faced with bail-ins or capital controls.

Thank you for taking the time to read 9 Reasons You Need An Offshore Bank Account. In this article we discussed in detail, what can I do with my offshore bank account, why I need offshore bank account, that they are 100% legal, what can I do with my offshore bank account and I answer the question: do offshore bank accounts get high deposit interests.

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