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8 Things Not to Miss in Grand Cayman

8 Things Not to Miss in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is the mesmerizing hub island of the small group that hides among the alluring waves of the Caribbean Sea. Even though it is a mere 22 miles long, Grand Cayman still manages to pack quite a punch – it is a bona fide playground for tropical adventurers. If you have come across this island during your daydream browsing and you are still not convinced you should pay it a visit, here are 8 things not to miss in Grand Cayman that are bound to change your mind.

1. Savor the Charms of Seven Mile Beach

The crescent-shaped Seven Mile Beach is lauded for the incredible assembly of services it offers as well as its captivating appearance. As soon as you arrive in Grand Cayman, chances are you will end up somewhere on the sidewalks of George Town, so you should definitely take time to visit this beach and see why it has the reputation of being one of the best Caribbean beaches.

2. Go on the Mastic Trail

The sea around Grand Cayman is vast and filled with interesting activities, so before you embark on your aquatic adventure, make sure to investigate its captivating shores and lush inland greenery. Start off by going on the Mastic trail – a two-centuries-old gravel path that cuts through thick mangrove swamps. Don’t worry, it is very “rookie friendly” for casual hikers, and you will be rewarded for the experience with some majestic natural sites.

3. Have a Culinary Adventure

Grand Cayman is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean for a good reason. Some of the greatest chefs from different corners of the globe flock to this area and the showcase of their training has turned Grand Cayman into a true foodie Mecca. In fact, you can easily take an entire day and turn it into a gourmet escapade by visiting celebrated restaurants such as Kaibo and trying their delicious seafood. You will definitely not regret it. Also try out Sunshine Grill and Vivine’s Kitchen.

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4. Scuba Diving Paradise

The Cayman Islands are renowned around the world as one of the premier locations for scuba diving and deep-sea diving. Its surrounding waters are practically littered with arresting dive sites, which have earned a slogan for this modest grouping that goes something like: “a different dive spot for every day of the year.” Yes, you have read it right, there are at least 365 dive spots around the Cayman Islands, and Grand Cayman, naturally, boasts some true underwater wonders. Whether you are going to explore colorful reefs or dynamic walls that brim with marine life, make sure to equip yourself in reliable Grand Cayman dive shops and seek help from the most experienced local diving professionals. Now, while we are on the topic of marine life…

5. Stingray City

Marine activities usually take the center stage in the Caymans, and one of arguably the most captivating of these activities you simply cannot afford to miss is a visit to Stingray City. Just off the coast of George Town lies a shoal that brims with impressive specimens of the stingray species, but don’t worry – they are very hospitable and friendly! These stingrays have become “domesticated” throughout generations and over the course of several centuries as fishermen fed them the fish remains after cleaning the prey on the sandbar. You can swim along these magnificent creatures, pet them and even have a photo session with them. It is truly an experience you will remember for the rest of your days.

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6. Go to Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

After an exhausting set of water-related activities, it is nice to go on a meandering stroll through beautiful Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. The price of admission is $10. It will take you about an hour to explore, but if you are interested in flora, you can easily lose an entire day on the exploration and inspection of Grand Cayman’s captivating array of endemic plant life. For example, the Corato plant can be found literally nowhere else in the world and it is an enormous Agave species type of plant.

7. To Starfish Point

The turquoise shallows of Starfish Point are the stuff of aquatic dreams. All newcomers simply have to take a dip in its water and marvel at the abundance of vibrant starfish. In fact, there are over 2,000 different species of starfish in the area, which makes it a truly rare landmark that has something unique to offer.

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8. Horseback Riding

It’s one of the ultimate romantic dreams of most people to ride a horse along the tropical beach and into the sunset. Grand Cayman is one of those places that can fulfill this dream to countless visitors every year. You can ride both along the beach and into the ocean (horses are trained to do that), which renders this a perfect activity for two lovebirds that are celebrating their marriage or an idyllic relationship on this incredible island.

As an assembly of beautiful tropical vistas and picturesque urbanity, Grand Cayman is the very epitome of extravagance. Still, it is a sort of place that can be quite affordable for a whole array of people, which is a matter that makes it such an enticing place for visitors from every corner of the globe. Once you visit Grand Cayman for the first time, it will certainly capture your imagination and you won’t be able to resist returning to its dreamlike shores as soon as possible.

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