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Investment Opportunities In Vanuatu

Investment Opportunities In Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the many islands in the south pacific ocean. Vanuatu is northeast from new Caledonia and just east of Australia and west of Fiji. It is one of about 80 islands in the Melanesian archipelago. In this article, we are going to discuss investment opportunities in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu island is well known for its spectacular and breathtaking coral reefs. This is one of the locations where you can still see the lasting impact of shipwrecks from world war 2. Most especially is the S.S. President Coolidge, which was a converted troop ship that ran into friendly fire around the Espiritu Santo area.

For numerous other reasons, Vanuatu is one of the top places you can visit. It has a beautiful tropical climate, and the weather is good throughout the year. At Vanuatu, the best period to visit is between April and October. The wet season in this area is between November and March.


Places To Invest In Vanuatu

You could do numerous activities in Vanuatu. Highlighted below are some of the numerous activities you could do in Vanuatu


Vanuatu Waterfronts

The waterfronts at Vanuatu is one of the most eco-tourism points of attraction. There are numerous waterfront resorts at this location. Most of these waterfront resorts have a poolside spa, scuba diving, and other amazing and attracting features.

These waterfronts experience gives you real access to the sensational tropical water wonders. In these areas alone, there are numerous scuba divers that engage in scuba diving from time to time.

These waterfront resorts are available for both vacation purposes as well as investment. The waterfront view gives you a dreamy sensation of the water world. It is just south pacific and not too far off from Port Vila.

These waterfront bungalows are great investment opportunities you could consider. You could buy and rent it out for tourist who troops into Vanuatu regularly.


Restaurant And Bars

The restaurant and bars in Vanuatu are arguably the highest per-capita in the pacific. It boasts of different dishes and taste from the wonderful chefs in Vanuatu. There are lots of locally made dishes that will surely make you ask for more.

The investment return on these restaurants is amazing. Setting up shop in Vanuatu is one of the best things you could do. Either you are passionate about the restaurant or bar, setting up shop and getting an amazing return on investment is quite easy in Vanuatu.


Real Estate

Giving the location and the experience gotten from Vanuatu, real estate is one of the most important pieces of investment opportunities. The real estate business is one of the biggest in Vanuatu, and it has a good return on investment.

Considering the location and the experience usually experienced in this area, Vanuatu gives it’s resident an exciting atmosphere with plenty of adventures to take on.


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Investing and enjoying Vanuatu can go hand in hand. The tropical island is one of the busiest in the area and for obvious reasons. For these reasons, tourists and locals troop into Vanuatu for its waterfront experience, scuba diving, restaurant and bars, and so much more. 


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