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7 Cool Things To Do In Bangkok This Holiday

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world. However, what many people fail to realize when visiting this incredible city is that it has so much more to offer than just temples and touristy night markets. If you are planning a holiday trip to Thailand and you want a break from the tourist scene, here are seven other unique and cool suggestions:


1. Get spooked in an abandoned building: Sathorn Unique

What was supposed to be a premium luxury apartment building ended up turning into Bangkok’s most famous haunting site. Construction on the building was abandoned due to the 1997 financial crisis, and the spooky stories started when, years later, a photographer came across a dead body on the 43rd floor! Scary stories started piling up, and now Sathorn Unique has earned its reputation as “The Ghost Tower.” If you are brave enough to explore it, you will be rewarded with one of the best (and free) views of the city from the 50th floor.


2. Take a bike ride around Bangkok’s hidden island

Did you know Bangkok has an island in it? Nestled in the Chao Praya River is Brang Kachao Island, a lush green slice of land – something hard to come by in this concrete jungle! Here you can either walk or rent a bicycle to explore this little tranquil haven. There are a couple cafes, a few houses and a park. You can even take a class here and learn how to make an herbal pillow!


3. Go surfing at Flow House

Is Thailand expensive for island hopping? Certainly not when you bring the beach right to you in the middle of Bangkok! Flow House makes you feel just like you’re at the beach by bringing the waves to you on their wave simulator. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy the simulator – not even close! If you have never surfed in your life, this is a great opportunity to experience this activity in a fun and safe way. Afterwards, kick back with cool drinks and enjoy fantastic food.


4. Siriraj Medical Museum

If you’re a fan of forensics, this museum is a must. Commonly called “The Forensics Museum,” Siriraj Medical Museum is a part of the oldest hospital in Bangkok. This museum houses a massive array of preserved bones, organs, and corpses. Peruse the displays and you will encounter the corpse of a serial killer, rows of skulls, a two-and-a-half-foot-wide scrotum removed from a man afflicted with elephantiasis, and many more interesting exhibits!


5. Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

Want to get an idea of what Buddhists believe hell to be like? At Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden you can walk through life sized statues that depict the gruesome punishments inflicted upon those who go to Buddhist hell!


6. Chat with a monk

You will see plenty of monks in bright orange garb roaming around Thailand and going about their daily business. If you’re ever curious about their lifestyle and would like to have a conversation with them, head to Wat Rajabopit, the king’s private temple. Here you will find a friendly bunch of monks who are eager to converse with foreigners and practice their English! This is one of the really cool things to do in Bangkok.


7. Have a blast at Escape Game Bangkok

Escape the bustle of the city by visiting Bangkok’s escape room: Escape Break. Here you will race against the clock with your teammates to solve a complicated mystery in an hour’s time. You might find yourself as an archaeologist uncovering ancient ruins, as an undercover police officer in the gangs of Hong Kong, or as a scientist on a super secret assignment. Whatever your role, you have to solve the mystery before the hour is up by working with your teammates through a series of mind boggling puzzles that lead you to the final mystery! Adventure escape games are thrilling and interactive and a great way to spend a few hours of your day!

Cost of travel in Thailand is cheap, so you can easily visit a few of these locations in a day by taxi without breaking your bank! If you are worried about the cost of your trip to Thailand, all of these activities are either free or relatively cheap, not to mention a great way to experience the city’s unique aspects!


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