facebook 10 Reasons Why Investing in Vanuatu Land Is a Great Idea

10 Reasons Why Investing in Vanuatu Land Is a Great Idea

10 Reasons Why Investing in Vanuatu Land Is a Great Idea.

It is amazing how many people can look at a vacant piece of land and not see it as an incredible investment opportunity.

People will look at me with vacant stares when I start to talk about how I buy and sell land. The fact of the matter is that many real estate investors have a misguided opinion of vacant land. Just a few of the reasons that they will view land as a weak investment are:

  • It does not generate income
  • It simply sits there doing nothing
  • It’s not exciting

These are huge misconceptions, as vacant land represents one of the best cash flow options out there, and the fact that it’s hands-off also means that it is a great investment.

I for one, revel in the fact that nothing happens there. If you can get a great piece of land at the right price, you end up with a piece of “property” that is simple to manage, and where big problems don’t exist. If you have looked at investing in vacant land in the past, only to dismiss it as a lost cause, you need to look again. There are all kinds of reasons why investing in land is a great idea, and I am about to give you 10 of them.


The Top 10 Reasons Why Investing In Vanuatu Land Is A Great Idea:


1. Owning Vacant Land Means Not Having To Make Any Property Changesland banking house

Unlike with other forms of real estate, there are no construction or renovations issues to concern yourself with. All you need to know about land is whether or not it can be built on in the future. If it is indeed suitable, you can let someone else worry about the construction of property when it comes time to build.


2. Vacant Land Is Totally Hands-Off

If you have owned rental properties in the past, you have probably had to deal with all the hassles that come with it. Collecting rent from tenant, making repairs big and small, and dealing with resident complaints that really aren’t valid. None of that exists when you buy land, as it just sits there waiting for you to do whatever you want with it.


3. Vacant Land Owners Are Generally Motivated To Sell

landbanking dirtThis tends to happen because land owners are essentially absent a big portion of the time. They may not live anywhere near the land they own, making it virtually impossible for them to establish the same emotional connection they have with their primary property. Sellers like these are the ones who are willing to basically give away the land at a bargain basement price. They are not making any money from it, so they see it as a monkey on their back more than anything else. They don’t see the big picture, which is why, if you can find these people, you can get vacant land at an incredible price.


4. There Is Almost Zero Competition When Investing In Vacant Land

Whenever you try to purchase property, there is usually always a ton of other people bidding on the same place. This often leads to you being outbid and the property selling for more than you believe it to be worth. These types of bidding wars seldom if ever happen with vacant land. Those who invest in real estate are more concerned with physical properties that they believe can start turning them a profit from day one. As such, most real estate investors simply overlook the incredible benefits of owning a great piece of land, which means you may be the only one in the market to score a great deal on vacant land.


5. Land Investors Are In Charge Of Their Own Financeslandbanking key

If you can find a great piece of land at the perfect price, you have the opportunity to pay cash and totally avoid the banks and mortgage companies. You really don’t need a ton of money to get started, and you can end up owning several pieces of land without ever having to go into debt to do so. You just need to learn what constitutes a great land deal, and then take it from there.


6. Learning How To Research Properties Means Being Able To Buy and Sell Vacant Land without Ever Setting Foot on It

The internet is a great resource for FREE information about buying and selling vacant land. You can reap large profits in a matter of months if you learn the ins and outs of researching property. After all, there are no buildings that you have to concern yourself with, which makes the inspection process about as simple as it gets. If you can get all of this information down pat, you can very quickly start buying and selling land without ever having to see it or set foot on it.


7. Your Income Potential Can Literally Explode When You Add Seller Financing

If you are able to add seller financing into the mix when selling land, you income potential will skyrocket. Since bank are often unwilling to offer up financing for vacant land, buyers become scarce. If you offer up seller financing, those buyers will come crawling out of the woodwork very quickly. Those buyers will gladly pay over and above the current market interest rate in order to get their hands on your land. What you are left with are multiple streams of income arriving in your bank account every month, and all without the headaches you would normally associate when dealing with rental properties.


ParaguayChaco_Clearings_for_cattle_grazing8. The Low Cost of Land Makes It a Good Long-Term Investment

You really don’t have a lot of expenses to worry about when you own vacant land. You won’t be in debt to the bank for mortgage payments, no utility bills arrive in the mail, and if you have to pay taxes or insurance on the land, they are generally very cheap. If you are looking for a place to invest in the long term, vacant land is where to do it.


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9. There Is Real Peace of Mind

Owning property usually means keeping your fingers crossed that nothing major will go wrong with it. Vacant land does not deliver that stress, as it won’t break down and there is nothing there for thieves to concern themselves with.


10. There is No New Land Being Builttoy House

There are always new properties getting built for people to invest in, but vacant land is a precious commodity that is only available in very limited quantities. If you can get your hands on a piece of land that is in the path of future growth, you are basically holding a lottery ticket just waiting to be cashed. There are plenty of sensible ways to save for your retirement, and land is right at the top of the list. The potential profits are higher than anything else available to you, making it the perfect long-term investment solution.



Investing in land is a massive opportunity. Those who are able to see this as the truth are the ones that are successful in their real estate investing careers. It is relatively inexpensive to get into, and your profits can be boosted by adding seller financing into the mix. As great an opportunity as land investing is, you need to understand that it’s still a business that needs you total dedication in order to be successful. I have made a career off the back of investing in vacant land and I know that you can, too. You just need to be ready to put in a little bit of work in order to reap big rewards.

In closing we recommend finding a mentor as I did in 1980 they are not on easy to find but activity knowledge and a burning desire to be successful are two of the required ingredients that will really help you get on the path to real estate success, and I am willing to lend a hand, each week I do a radio show on the overseas radio network called Listen to the Radio Show: “Lifestyles and Real Estate of the South Pacific” and there many interesting hosts and the best part its free knowledge is no burden to bear happy listening and we will see you at top!

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