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Could Vanuatu be the Next Canary Islands?

Our Escape Artist representative for Vanuatu, Richard Butler, has a free 11-page nation-building country report for Escape Artist members.

National Report from the Escape Artist Representative for Vanuatu

Richard Butler, the Escape Artist representative for the Republic of Vanuatu, has followed up his initial 2002 report when he introduced the Republic of Vanuatu to Escape Artist magazine and readers for the very first time.

This report checks in on his original projections for the nation of Vanuatu…projections that have been achieved over the last 4 years, just as he predicted.

And these changes and challenges have been simply amazing.  Richard reports that the Republic of Vanuatu was accepted as a member of the World Trade Organization in 2012, making it very welcoming to those who wish to relocate and retire, live, work, play, and invest in this South Pacific paradise.

The  Vanuatu government has opened up the country with a new Capital Investment Immigration Plan. This plan complements Richard and his partners’ corporation, Melanesian Waterfront Real Estate Limited, an organization that Richard has put together in response to the demand from Escape Artist readers around the world, in an attempt to answer all their requests.  You, the Escape Artist reader, now have complete access to these answers by downloading the report.

We have heard all your questions and requests, and we are excited to reveal Vanuatu as an interesting and viable destination to escape from what Richard calls the “maddening ways of the western world.”

We have had interested clients from New York to Turkey, China to India, and Japan down to the South Pacific Rim.  Even Alaska!

Assistance is now available with corporate structures to secure your assets through investment into Vanuatu’s forestry, agriculture, or marine industries. Most importantly, Vanuatu is offering a safe haven for property investment into both resort, tourism, and residential projects.

The free 11-page country report will enable you to ponder the opportunities that this magnificent archipelago of 83 Islands in the South Pacific has to offer – where, without a doubt, the welcome mat is out for Escape Artists from around the world!

If you’re looking for a new horizon with easy access to permanent residency via property investment, or even a complete move to a tax-friendly environment with a Westminster-style of government and English courts of law, Vanuatu could be your answer.  This is a must-read report.

Click here to get the Vanuatu Report


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