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10 Popular Eco-Hostels in Europe

There are many eco-hostels in Europe, and they’ve been offering environmentally-friendly lodging and accommodation services to men and women who need them. If you happen to be a fan of backpacking in Europe and want to go through it in an eco-friendly manner, these are the way to go. In such hostels, you will enjoy the company of new friends, the sumptuous complimentary breakfast, and wireless internet services. You will also have the chance to enjoy laundry facilities, bike rentals, and many other things in these overseas hostels. The 10 most popular are detailed below.



Zalamera is located in Valencia, Spain, and it has eco-LED lights, biofuel for hot water, solar panels for electricity, local foods, and fair trade products. There are complimentary linens and towels for guests, the breakfast can be vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, and the rooms have terraces for relaxation. The room options here are private, group, or twin rooms. This is specifically designed for sustainability with the old Spanish deco style.


High Street Hostel, Edinburgh

This hostel is situated around 75 hectares of woodland, which take in the CO2 that is emitted from the hostel. So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy 100% carbon neutral leisure and vacation, you should come here. There is a waste recycling system that is completely green, and the source of electricity here is the renewable non-nuclear type.


Ecolodge Des Chartrons

Ecolodge Des Chartrons is located in Bordeaux, France. It uses solar energy, energy efficient bulbs, and has received the European EcoLabel Award for its commitment. There are private rooms with bathrooms and the meals include vegan and gluten-free breakfasts. The room design includes an intimate patio, wireless internet, and a small library. It is built with sheep’s wool, cork, hemp, and wood fiber.


Ecomama – Amsterdam, Netherland

This is a boutique hostel where you enjoy sincere environmental and social values.The hostel is very stylish, with rooms of dorm beds and rooms with romantic double beds. The interior is sustainable, the materials are fair trade, and the furniture is cradle to cradle. Guests are inspired to discover local hidden sites and to forge new relationships.


The Circus Hostel – Berlin, Germany

The Circus Hostel is designed with the environment in mind, and there are plants that are meant to capture the emitted CO2. They have local products, policies for social work, and other things that do not only benefit the hostel, but the entire community. The management of the hostel is carried out by the owners, and the staff earns well. The energy is green and energy saving gadgets are used here. The feeding is organic, local, or seasonal.


Sleep Green, Spain

This hostel is located in Barcelona. It is also the winner of the European Ecolabel award. The energy is 100% generated from renewable sources, and the lights are LED. It is situated at the center of the city with free internet and lockers. The rooms have balconies, the kitchens are equipped, and the security is top notch and available 24/7. There are 4, 5, and 6-bed co-ed dorm rooms, and the bathroom is shared.

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Reykjavík City Hostel

This hostel is located in Reykjavík, Iceland, and it also has been awarded the Nordic Ecolabel award. There is a safe catering kitchen, onsite laundry, and night security. There is an onsite cafe and bar, and you can rent bicycles for easy transport around the city. There are yoga classes, a garden, and wireless internet connections.


Sleep Well

Sleep Well is found in Brussels, Belgium. Its label is that of Two-Star Ecodynamic Enterprise. The electricity is 100% green and the lighting is of low energy. Each room is fitted with a private shower and there is onsite laundry and lifts. There is bike rental service and the reception is available 24 hours. Sleep Well has a bar and locker space, and the building is wheelchair-friendly. There are family rooms, private rooms, and dormitories.

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Saas-Fee, Switzerland

This meets many eco-label standards, from the European Ecolabel to the Minergie-ECO standard and others. Hot water is boiled with solar panels here, the bulbs are energy saving, and the building is green. There is a wellness and sauna center, a hot tub, and a freshwater pool. Buffet breakfast is possible with other catering options. There is wireless internet for phone and PC, and this location is family-friendly. They have dorms, family rooms, private rooms, and shared bathrooms.


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Hostel Strowis Utrecht

This hostel is located in the Netherlands and it offers beds of different sizes with private rooms, too. The atmosphere is warm and ecological, and social innovations are imbibed. There is organic breakfast and lots of events with local and cultural leanings happening here.


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