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What is Corporate Housing and is it Right for You?

What is Corporate Housing and is it Right for You?

If you’ve ever looked for long-term accommodation, chances are you’ve come across the term “corporate housing”, a growing industry offering companies and individuals an alternative to hotels for extended stays. But what does corporate housing actually entail, and how do you find out if it is the right choice for you?


What is a corporate rental?

The term corporate rental is used to describe a furnished apartment, intended to be rented for longer-term stays of 30 days or more. These apartments are often used by companies when employees are relocated either temporarily or permanently, which is why the term “corporate,” When you are in town working on a project for any length of time, it can be way more comfortable to stay in a furnished apartment than in a cramped hotel room. Of course, corporate rentals aren’t just for work anymore, anyone looking to book a longer term stay can rent one.

Corporate rentals generally include equipped kitchens and a lot more space than a hotel room. They also offer a more private and independent living arrangements than hotels since they are usually located in upscale apartment buildings where your neighbors are not just passing through for the night. Depending on the housing provider, you might also luck out on a great location close to where you need to be since apartments are often offered in a wide variety of locations.


Why choose a corporate rental?

Corporate housing is ideal for business traveler or people relocating temporarily for work, but they are also a great option for individuals moving to a new country or city. Renting a furnished apartment for the first few months after you arrive can provide a great buffer while you figure out the details of your move, choose a neighborhood that you want to live in, and collect the items you need such as furniture and appliances. A temporary rental can give you time to look for the right home, which can be difficult to do from across the world. This is why corporate housing is becoming more and more popular with expats.

On the other hand, sometimes corporate rentals can be cost prohibitive, and depending on the housing provider you choose you may or may not have access to concierge services or around the clock front desk staff as you would in a hotel. If you are looking for accommodations for over one month however, corporate rentals are definitely something to look into, if only because staying in a hotel for more than a few days at a time can be excruciating.


How to find your rental

A simple google search with the terms “corporate rental” will get you a barrage of different apartments, but it is a better idea to start with a corporate housing provider. Providers like Corporate Stays will have a staff of housing experts to help you find the right place, and they will also provide services throughout your stay, as well as trouble-shooting should any problems arise. You really want to choose a provider with excellent customer feedback, and a large selection of properties to choose from, especially if you are working with a budget. Once you have the right housing provider, finding the right corporate rental for your needs and budget will be simple!

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