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What do you guys do in Vanuatu?

Vanuatu Tourism and Investment

I was asked today to send a brief email responding to the question: “What do you guys do?”.  Here it is; and if you’re an agent then we wish to work with you and your client base which holds the opportunity for you to make a great income from our genuine investment offersprop-img-full-hecliu9a-exuasfe8icjk1-300x200

Pacific Haven Resort Limited was formed by a collective of international developers of positively geared rental return investment real estate projects.  The properties consist of 5 star waterfront and beach-side resort and residential house and land packages, which include free-standing bungalows varying from 1,2,3 and 4 bedrooms and project guaranteed returns.  The properties are based around a PGA designed golf country club on a near by tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean, which is surprisingly closer in distance to Brisbane than the city of Melbourne.

The tropical island in question is the French and English influenced Port Villa, one of the major islands within the the tax friendly island nation known as the Republic of Vanuatu; where corporate, personal, land and death tax is non-existent.

Pacific Haven Resorts Limited is an international company supported by highly respected legal and corporate associate consultants that can provide investors with both international trusts and residency bundled within the real estate purchase supplied by the development company.BPS Booacher_Page_2

This is an investment concept conceived from the simple statement: “Think outside the box”.
There are amazing benefits available for the opportunistic thinker that advisers within your country of residence would more than likely never inform you about.  This opportunity is a one stop combined service point for our clients who wish to escape not only the Australian coastal boundaries but the also the rest of the developed nations’ over-regulated red, green and black tape holding back individualism and personal dreams and endeavor.

Pacific Haven Resorts Limited works with the mantra……

“Decision makers are profit makers!”

Take advantage of this remarkable geographical position; all within just over 3 hours flight time from the Australian cities of Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne as well as Auckland, New Zealand.


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