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Ethical Investments Offer Major Returns

New York, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 09/15/2014 — With the serious economic problems around the world where investments have become less valuable, ethical investment continues to be worthwhile according to finance experts.

paw paw 2The world economy has struggled in recent years. Finance experts and investment experts have seen investments struggle and reduce in value due to recent troubled times. Even the old bricks and mortar investments have struggled in countries which include the UK and America, however, according to South Pacific Plantations Ltd one investment that is still worthwhile and will generate a return is Ethical Investments.

The global green economy was worth £3.2 trillion in 2009, and this continues to grow giving investment value for money and a worthwhile investment with healthy returns. One exciting Ethical investment, which is now on offer, is the Tropical Pawpaw Farmlet Investment Opportunity. This opportunity has generated a huge amount of interest where financial experts believe will generate a huge return for investors.

With the human race needing land and needing products that come from that land, in this current day where other investments are losing their appeal, Ethical investments has become the investment of choice.

It is not just large companies and the rich who are using Ethical investments to generate an income; individuals are making these investments to build a nest egg for their retirement.

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Locals happy to have work cutting fence posts for the papaya plantation

South Pacific Plantations Ltd, who is offering investors the chance to buy into tropical Pawpaw/Papaya 1-acre Farmlets in Vanuatu for a worthwhile investment, has seen a huge amount of interest from investors around the world. The interest has been so great that the opportunities are fast being filled, stage 1 sold out in record time & Stage 2 has now been released, benefits are also to the local island residents in secure long term work.


Now it is a matter of delivery to world markets our physical location in the South Pacific gives us access to deliver our produce, red papaya /paw paw is one of the worlds 4 super fruits the tipping point for selling food production has passed the fruit will be sold dried to breakfast cereal produces and fresh via the fruit and vegetable wholesale markets of Australasia

A spokesman for South Pacific Plantations Ltd said: “With people from all walks of life looking for a worthwhile investment, Ethical Investing has become a wise choice. Unlike other investments where they can become de-valued, by investing in this type of investment known as cluster farming, it offers a high return and a worthwhile long-term investment.

For more details on the Tropical Pawpaw Farmlet Investment Opportunity, please visit here www.spplantations.com



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