facebook What are the Cheapest Places to Live in the World Right Now?

What are the Cheapest Places to Live in the World Right Now?

What are the Cheapest Places to Live in the World Right Now?

The cost of living across the globe keeps changing on a regular basis, and it can be hard to keep up with the trends if you don’t follow them closely. Those interested in knowing where the lowest living costs are should pay attention to the way this trend is shifting over time, as it’s not rare to see a completely different landscape from one year to the next.



Mexico has long been a favorite destination for people looking for a cheap lifestyle, and it remains the cheapest place in Latin America at the moment. The fluctuations in the value of the peso have made this a very attractive opportunity for anyone looking to live relatively comfortably without having to spend a lot, and even though there is some potential for a cultural shock depending on where one comes from, it’s still a fantastic option. Locals tend to be very friendly in most parts of the country too, and are generally welcoming to outsiders from different parts of the world.



Colombia is another long-standing favorite, and even though prices have gone up in recent years, the country still remains a great place for people interested in a cheaper lifestyle. One can easily get a full meal at a restaurant for the equivalent of $5, and it’s not hard to obtain residency in the country. It takes a while to get through the hoops of the bureaucratic system, but it’s not significantly worse than most other places around the world and easy to get loans to pay off debt. Some of the locals will actually be quick to point out the various advantages of the way things currently work, and you might be able to catch lots of interesting discussions on that topic.



Europeans – and not only – see a lot of value in Albania as a local option for cheap living, and even though there are some details about the country that should be observed carefully – such as its peculiar weather – it’s still a great option for those who can fit in with the locals. Which is something else worth noting with regards to Albania – it can seem a bit unwelcoming at first, but it’s actually far from so once one gets to know the place. The country has a beautiful landscape as well, with lots of natural sites that keep drawing tourists and people looking to relocate permanently alike.



Bulgaria is another European country known for its cheap prices and affordable lifestyle, and many people come to directly purchase property instead of bothering with renting. The local weather can be a bit unusual, with very hot summers and extremely cold winters that can sometimes bury the entire country in snow, but locals are mostly used to it and life doesn’t stop when the weather shifts to one of its extremes. For those who aren’t used to living like this though, it can be a bit of a shocking experience. Locals can be a bit rough towards outsiders in some parts of the country, but that shouldn’t stop one from exploring it thoroughly and enjoying what it has to offer.



Looking to move to Asia? Cambodia is a top choice at the moment, not just for its great prices, but also for its welcoming nature towards foreigners. The country is very easy to integrate into and few people encounter problems in this regard during their stay here, and there are various communities that can help you out with this as well. All it takes is a willing mind and you should be able to have a great time setting yourself up in Cambodia. Make sure to keep up with the local culture though, as it can be quite diverse and some views keep changing from time to time. Other than that, Cambodia has consistently proven to be a reliable choice for those looking for an attractive living opportunity at a relatively low cost.



Last but not least, we have another country hailed for its ridiculously low living prices, Nepal. The only issue for people interested in moving here is that the country can present some problems with its bureaucratic system, which is often slow and inefficient and can make the experience of settling into the country a very difficult and drawn-out one. Those who are ready to jump through those hoops should find Nepal to be an amazing place to live in though, and it keeps attracting more and more people on a regular basis. For a sum that many countries would consider pocket change, one can live like a king in Nepal, and this is a sustainable lifestyle too. The local job market can be a bit challenging, but as long as one comes prepared in terms of finances, Nepal can be a very solid choice for permanent relocation, especially for people with open minded attitudes.

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