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Uvita and Dominical Top Costa Rica Destinations

Although you may have harbored visions of Robinson Crusoe or Castaway while considering coastal living in a tropical location such as Dominical or Uvita, nothing could be further from the truth in Costa Rica’s South Pacific.

Before the days of the Lonely Planet phenomenon, picturesque villages in Costa Rica’s  South Pacific were only known to adventurous backpackers hearing rumors of this area’s natural beauty.  Fast-forward ten years later and South Pacific towns such as Dominical and Uvita have grown at an incredible pace.

No longer considered a remote destination, arriving to the Costa Rica’s South Pacific is now a relaxing and speedy journey of less than three hours. This area has also benefited from the opening of two paved highways that shortened the journey significantly.

Dominical Costa Rica

With it’s rolling green hills, sparklingly pristine beaches, and an excellent surf, Dominical is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica. Just a short distance south of the well-known Manuel Antonio, Dominical features all of Costa Rica’s beauty but with less tourism than some of the more well-known destinations, making it the perfect vacation spot for those wildlife-watchers or more rugged travelers looking for less commercialism and more nature.

Still, Dominical has grown exponentially in the last several years, so while a stay in Dominical will be quite different than a vacation in, say, a resort town such as Tamarindo, your Dominical vacation will be by no means “roughing it.” Dominical is a town with great charm. Calm and tranquil, it’s easy to fall into the meandering pace of life here and relax on the beach without a care in the world.

Dominical is also well known as a great surf spot. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just picking up a board for the first time, Dominical is a great place to paddle out and catch a wave. With hotels and vacation villas available in the area, there’s sure to be a place to fit your budget here. Dominical also boasts a growing community of expats, and beach front property here is significantly cheaper than in other areas of Costa Rica.

If you’re looking to invest in a vacation rental or just want to build the vacation home of your dreams, Dominical may just be the perfect spot!

Uvita Costa Rica

Just 10 minutes south of Dominical, Uvita is a small coastal town that has experienced steady growth while still maintaining harmony with the beautiful surroundings. Thanks to this balance, many international investors have arrived to set up home, buy a vacation residence or capitalize on the area growth and start a new business.

Recognized as a prime destination for commerce and tourism investment, it is no surprise that Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Popular have established operations in Uvita. The recent opening of two new restaurants and a Cappuccino Bar have also been indicative of the growth in commerce this area has experienced. The local Dome Restaurant recently held a concert that attracted over 300 people! With a good availability of highway frontage real estate, many investors can establish highly profitable businesses that are much needed in the area.

Many families that have relocated to the South Pacific of Costa Rica would also agree that living in peaceful towns such as Uvita gives residents the best of both worlds—a healthy laidback beach lifestyle while still being close to all modern amenities and commerce. With so many outdoor activities to enjoy, families are also spending much more time together snorkeling, surfing, wildlife-watching or just relaxing on the beach.

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