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Unusual Wedding Destinations

All brides and grooms want a spectacular destination to say, “I do!” Your special day has to be extraordinary. What better way than by choosing an unusually romantic destination? The entire purpose of having a destination wedding is to make it lovely and enjoyable for all. Creating lifelong memories is possible!

Read on to experience some of the most unusually romantic destinations around the world.

  • Masai Mara, Kenya:

Masai Mara, Kenya, is a land of wild beauty and magical enchantments. Get married in scenic Masai Mara overlooking the Mara River. This unique and romantic location offers breathtaking views of glades and natural pools (WWF, 2010). Speak to local hotels and resorts to book safari wedding packages for you and your wedding guests. You could have a traditional white wedding with this exciting backdrop or opt for a traditional African ceremony with blessings from local elders and your guests. Many resorts also offer a Masai guard to make your ceremony magical in all aspects. This truly would be an enthralling experience with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Dracula’s Castle, Transylvania:

If you and your fiancé are fans of the current best-selling supernatural craze, then Dracula’s Castle is the ideal location for you. Dracula’s Castle/Bran Castle is an idyllic setting for all Twilight, Hotel Transylvania, and The Vampire Diaries fans! Located outside Brasov, Bran Castle rose to popularity by author Bram Stoker in his novel “Dracula.” The history of this castle is steeped in supernatural and horror tales of Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, considered by many supernatural fans to be the real Dracula (Telegraph, 2014). This location itself is beautiful and richly steeped in history because of the trade routes and military invasions in this trans-Carpathian passage. If you like the myth, intrigue, and supernatural-based romance revolving around actual history, then this is the destination for you!

Unusual Wedding Destinations

  • Paramount Studios, Los Angeles:

Are you a movie buff? Then Paramount Studios is the place for you! Romance and love is best watched on screen. So if you’ve ever dreamed of getting married in classic Hollywood style, rush to Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. You get to be a superstar and get married in a “reel-life” setting. Start your romantic life with your partner in the superstardom capital of the world! You can choose to get married in anything from a Disney-style theme to an Armageddon space theme; your choices are endless. Make your wedding memorable for everyone involved by realizing your dazzling movie dreams.

  • The Great Wall of China, China:

Get married in a venue visible from space! The Great Wall of China has stood the test of time for thousands of years. Built over a span starting from 7 BC to 2 BC, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an ancient marvel of strength, solidarity, and support. It stretches to almost 21,196 kilometers (CBC, 2012). With foundations drenched in history, great civilizations, and multiple invasions, this structure has seen the birth and emergence of countless great rulers and republics. If you want to base your wedding and subsequent marriage on the lines of never ending strength and commitment, this is the best wedding destination for you.

  • Mayan Temple Ruins, Belize:

The Mayan Temples and Mayan civilization are more than 3000 years old (Planet, 2017). There are over 600 temples in the culturally magnificent expanse of Belize. Steeped in rich, traditional sun-worshiping rituals and history, the Mayans built towering, breathtaking temples for their rulers. Fans of archaeology can have a field day exploring these massive ruins and caves, palaces, and courts scattered throughout Belize. With the help of a wedding planner, you can even organize for a Mayan shaman to preside over LGBT weddings.

Unusual Wedding Destinations

  • Carmel, California:

Here’s our personal favorite, Carmel, California. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy the gorgeously cool, dry weather of Carmel Valley. Known for producing some world renowned Bordeaux varietals of wine, wedding ceremonies in Carmel have beautiful views of the Santa Lucia Mountains, vineyards, and gardens. Carmel serves as the best romantic getaway because of its art-filled villages, historical character, and seaside cafes. This makes it a delightfully romantic setting for couples tying the knot.

Say “I do!” in the most amazing of locations around our beautiful world. From a traditional white wedding to an African ceremony, you can have it all! Make your wedding day magical with these beautiful exotic locations. Be a world citizen and celebrate your wedding in style with these magnificent wedding destinations. Enjoy your special day and have fun!

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